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The Yamaha Club online shop is intended for UK visitors only.
Overseas customers, please contact us on +44 1246 290454 or email

Contact Us

By Phone 

  • Yamaha Technical help: 
  • 0844 811 1116
    (10am - 12pm ;  2pm - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday)

  • To subscribe to Yamaha Club: 01246 290454
    (10am - 1pm  ;  2pm - 4pm, Monday - Friday)
  • To order from our catalogue: 01246 290454
    (10am - 1pm  ;  2pm - 4pm, Monday - Friday)
  • Club administration: 01246 290454
    (10am - 1pm  ;  2pm - 4pm, Monday - Friday)


By Post
Yamaha Club Ltd, 59 Ennerdale Close, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 8PL (UK)

We will do our best to respond to letters sent by post when they are related directly to club administrative business, or to software and accessory orders. Letters requesting technical support answers will be included in the next available magazine where space permits and where the topic is deemed to be of interest to a wide audience of readers. Letters will only be accepted for publication from Yamaha Club members.


By Email

Please do email us with:

  • Enquiries about Yamaha Club membership
  • Items for inclusion in the magazine (letters, articles, adverts, etc.)
  • Items for inclusion on our website (performances, registrations, etc.)

Please do not email us with:

  • Technical questions (please phone Yamaha UK direct on 0844 811 1116)
  • Software and accessory orders (please phone 01246 290454)
  • Administrative questions for Yamaha Club (please phone 01246 290454)


Please Note:
We regret we are unable to answer letters / emails of a technical nature. Please contact the Yamaha UK Technical Support line for this - 0844 811 1116 


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