Yamaha Club Magazine – October / November 2008 edition

The October / November 2008 edition of Yamaha Club Magazine is now available… and it comes packaged with an hour long Tyros3 demonstration DVD presented by Glyn Madden and James Sargeant.

The DVD, produced by Yamaha Club in conjunction with James Woodcock of YPKO, is being distributed free with all copies of the October edition of ‘Yamaha Club’ and ‘Keyboard Cavalcade’ magazines. It is also available from Yamaha dealers and, to UK residents, from YPKO

First reports from viewers seem very encouraging – and you can read their comments for yourself (and add your own if you wish) on the YPKO/Yamaha Club forum.

What’s new in the October / November edition of Yamaha Club Magazine…

• New Password to Members Only area
Don’t forget to use the new password from 1st October if you want to access our archive and download sections. To enter the ‘Members Area‘ just enter the password in the box provided. The new password, which must be entered in upper case characters (as shown in the magazine) is given on page 4 of the October / November 2008 edition of Yamaha Club Magazine.

• Page 2: Tyros3 on Tour
Come and see Tyros3 in the hands of virtuoso keyboard player Peter Baartmans.

• Page 5: Stagepas 150M Keyboard Amplifier System
Following the success of the Stagepas series Yamaha have introduced a small keyboard amplifier system based on the same technology.

• Page 6: Overture & Beginners (Steve Selwood)
In part five of Steve Selwood’s workshop series for owners of Yamaha’s smaller instruments he shows how to add DSP effects.

• Page 8: Home recording with Tyros2 (Glyn Madden)
A workshop guide to recording audio using the Tyros2. The operation will probably be just the same for Tyros3 although the new keyboard has a more sophisticated audio recorder.

• Page 11: Useful accessories – Stagepas 300 trolleybag
We review a trolleybag that has been produced for the Stagepas 300 speaker system. As we frequently hear of Tyros and S900 owners, like me, linking their keyboards to speakers of this quality to play small gigs – this trolleybag could be just the thing we need.

• Page 14: Introducing Tyros3
Glyn Madden takes a look at Yamaha’s brand new flagship keyboard. With the Tyros pedigree behind it the new instrument has a lot to live up to…

• Page 19: Tyros3 online
There are some great resources online for anyone wanting to find out anything (and everything) about Tyros3. We guide you towards Yamaha’s dedicated Tyros3 website and our favourite ‘fan’ site… YPKO

• Page 22: Roger Hagarty’s Workshop
Roger Hagarty looks at the Song Recorder feature in part five of his Clavinova workshop series. Although based on the CVP Clavinova this series has equal value for keyboard players because all share the same operating system.

• Page 26: EL X-plorer (Alex Payler)
‘Panning’ is the theme for part 3 of Alex’s series for EL Electone players. You can find out more about Alex at his website website.

• Page 28: F.A.Q. (Steve Marsden)
Steve Marsden answers more of your technical questions from Yamaha UK’s technical desk.

• Page 30: ARtiste Series – Then and Now (Glyn Madden)
It’s twelve years since the AR100 was introduced. Have the years been kind to this popular organ series – or is it now hopelessly out of date? Glyn Madden looks back at the three key objectives the AR sought to meet in 1996 and asks how they stand up in today’s keyboard market.
See and hear the San Francisco Fox Theatre Wurlitzer that provided the theatre organ sounds for the AR series organ on You Tube

• Page 32: On The Record
We review two new albums from popular Yamaha Electone artist Penny Weedon.

• Page 32: DVD Review – Learning Rock ‘n’ Roll Piano. (Janet Dowsett)
Improve your jazz piano technique with this tutorial DVD reviewed by Janet Dowsett. (more)

• Page 33: Music For You (Janet Dowsett)
Janet Dowsett introduces another collection of music books…
o Electronic Keyboard Ensemble Handbook – Level 2
o The Easy Keyboard Collection – Karaoke Classics
o Disney – Easy piano

• Page 36: Notebook (Your letters & emails)

Topics include…
o Holding the pedal functions…
o Wooden cabinet for Tyros2 ‘organ’…
o DIY solution to sliding footswitches…
o A supporter for Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Michael Machell…
o ‘Teres’ – A new EL Electone duo is formed in the Netherlands…
o New Music Finder list from club member Frank Rendell
o Tyros gig dates for Brian Hazelby…
o TTT announce forthcoming new theatre organ sounds for Tyros2/3…

• New MIDI/Song files for October / November
Thanks to Eileen Lowry for her unflagging enthusiasm – and another collection of song files created on her Tyros2 (and we look forward to hearing her Tyros3 contributions in due course…)

• Plus…

• Have you visited our on-line shop yet? You can now order software, accessories, CDs and DVDs on-line. James Woodcock has provided a beginners guide for those new to Internet shopping.

• Are you thinking about joining us at Alvaston Hall later this year for the annual Yamaha Club Weekend? If so – take a look at our trailer

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)