Yamaha Club Magazine – December 2008 / January 2009

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What’s new in the December / January edition of Yamaha Club Magazine…?

• New Password to Members Only area
Don’t forget to use the new password from 1st December if you want to access our archive and download sections. To enter the ‘Members Area‘ just enter the password in the box provided. The new password, which must be entered in upper case characters (as shown in the magazine) is given on page 4 of the December 2008 / January 2009 edition of Yamaha Club Magazine.

• Page 5: Yamaha Club News
Feedback from Yamaha Club and YPKO members following Tyros3 DVD. Alvaston Hall reminder.

• Page 6: Overture & Beginners (Steve Selwood)
In part six of his workshop series for owners of Yamaha’s smaller instruments, Steve Selwood provides an illustrated guide to using harmony effects to liven up a performance.

• Page 8: Keyboard Performer (Tony Ross)
Part 17: Tyros3 has arrived and, in a fully illustrated guide, Tony Ross takes you through the process of converting files from Tyros2 – before delving into the Mixing Console to upgrade some registrations with the new Tyros3 voices.
Visit Yamaha’s Tyros3 Downloads page for the File Converter

• Page 12: F.A.Q. (Steve Marsden)
Steve answers another of the frequently asked questions that come to the Yamaha UK technical help desk. Today he covers the subject of foot-switches – and shows you how to convert the S900’s Regi-Stick for use with a volume control pedal.

• Page 16: Little Diamond
Glyn Madden loads the ‘Diamond’ theatre organ samples into Tyros3 – and TTT announce the addition of some brand new theatre organ voices to complement their range.

• Page 20: On The Record
A new CD – recorded on Yamaha HX1 Electone by popular UK organist Tony Stace.

• Page 20: DVD Review – ‘Learning Country Style Piano’
Janet Dowsett reviews another tutorial DVD for the budding keyboard player.

• Page 21: Music For You (Janet Dowsett)
Janet Dowsett introduces another collection of music books (with discount prices for Yamaha Club members).
o Electronic Keyboard – Andrew Lloyd Webber
o Really Easy Piano – No.1 Hits
o Christmas Favourites for all keyboards

• Page 22: Roger Hagarty’s Workshop (Roger Hagarty)
More on using MIDI files – with help on locking new voices and tempo into existing files.

• Page 25: Christmas Gifts
A selection of gift ideas including:
o ‘Made Easy’ – Audio CD tutorial workshops by Simon Smith
o ‘Play Yamaha’ – DVD tutorial workshops by Glyn Madden
o Regi-sticks for Tyros2(3) and PSR-S900
o FC7 Volume Controller and FC5/4 foot-switch/sustain pedals
o Keyboard carry-bags and dust covers

• Page 26: ARtiste Series – Then and Now (Glyn Madden)
It’s twelve years since the AR100 was introduced. Have the years been kind to this popular organ – or is it now hopelessly out of date?
See and hear the San Francisco Fox Theatre Wurlitzer that provided the theatre organ sounds for the AR series organ on You Tube

• Page 28: EL X-plorer (Alex Payler)
In part 4 of Alex’s series for EL Electone players he explores the Keyboard Percussion and shows how to put the feature to good use in a performance. You can find out more about Alex at his website website.

• Page 30: Notebook (Your letters & emails)
Topics include…
o Moving from Electone to keyboard…
o Tyros3 – The Legacy Folder…
o Angie Diggens career update…
o Bass pedals – and perspex music desk extension brackets…
o Memories of American ‘Christmas’ organist Eddie Dunstedter…
o Bass pedals – and Tyros3
o D.I.Y. dual footswitches…
o Making a CD and gaining exposure via the Internet
o Music Finder – the key to an easy life


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Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)