‘Glyn’s Twins’ in BBC semi-final

‘The Twins’ – Francine and Nicola are really hitting the news at the moment. They are currently semi-finalists in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Eurovision show on BBC1 – Your Country Needs You…

The Twins – Francine and Nicola at Alvaston Hall with Glyn

What you may not know, however, is that for the past year the talented duo have been packing your bi-monthly Yamaha Club Magazine…

Glyn says, “We’ve known the girls for several years as they were at school with our two sons, but more-so during the past year or so as we have teamed up several times to perform at various charity functions in the Dronfield area. As Club members who met them at our Yamaha Club Weekend at Alvaston Hall will testify, the twins have grown up into two lovely, talented and unassuming young ladies. What you see on telly is what you get – no airs and graces, just down to earth hard working youngsters who hold down several part time jobs to help fund their way through University (something not mentioned too often in the BBC programme).

The opportunity to appear on ‘Your Country’ came out of the blue – and, naturally, Cath and I wish them the very best of luck, both in the programme and in their future careers. Bearing in mind their connection with Yamaha Club (and their recent appearance at Alvaston) we hope Yamaha Club members will feel they can support the twins by picking up the phone and voting on Saturday… and, hopefully, help to bring them the success they so richly deserve.”

See the twins in action with a live orchestra on BBC1’s Eurovision – Your Country Needs You

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)