Yamaha Club Magazine – February / March 2009 edition

• Yamaha Club Magazine: February/March 2009 edition

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• New Password to Members Only area
Don’t forget to use the new password from 1st February if you want to access our archive and download sections. To enter the ‘Members Area‘ just enter the password in the box provided. The new password, which must be entered in upper case characters (as shown in the magazine) is given on page 4 of the February / March 2009 edition of Yamaha Club Magazine.

• Page 5: Keyboard Performer (Tony Ross)
Part 18: In answer to readers’ requests, Tony Ross provides an illustrated guide to adding percussion voices to a performance via the footswitch – and produces a reiterating guitar voice.

• Page 8: Overture & Beginners (Steve Selwood)
In the continuation of his series Steve Selwood focuses on Yamaha’s smaller keyboards – with related articles on setting up, using accessories and even connecting a computer to your instrument! Part 7 provides information on optimum posture and sitting position together with a guide to some of the accessories that are available to help you achieve and maintain it..
Details of ‘Electricity’ – a new CD by Steve Selwood

• Page 10: Roger Hagarty’s Workshop (Roger Hagarty)
This month Roger takes a look at how we set about recording a piece of music using ‘Step Record’ – a great feature that has been included in the specification of most upper end Yamaha keyboards and Clavinovas for many years…
If you’re not sure of the tune, you can see the original video of House Of The Rising Sun

• Page 14: On The Record
What better way to start 2009 than with news of two brand new albums from our very own Yamaha Club team.
o Harmony – by Janet Dowsett
o Electricity – by Steve Selwood

• Page 16: Club Weekend 2008 – Review
Some fool said it wouldn’t snow in December… but, despite the threat of a real blizzard only a couple of days before the event, the bad weather held off as around 280 Yamaha enthusiasts made their way to Alvaston Hall in Cheshire…
Glyn’s singers, ‘The Twins’ – Francine & Nicola, are now through to the final of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Eurovision show – ‘Your Country Needs You’. See them in action…
Read Glyn’s account of his visit to the first ‘live’ show…

• Page 17: Club Weekend 2009 – Preview
It’s not without some sadness that we take our leave of Alvaston Hall after so many years. However, we believe we have found a little gem in the shape of the Oxford Belfry Hotel…
Visit the Oxford Belfry website…

• Page 18: EL X-plorer (Alex Payler)
In part 5 of Alex’s series he gives four useful illustrated tips for Electone players. You can find out more about Alex at his website website.
2009 is a very special year as it heralds the Electone’s 50th Anniversary. Visit the special anniversary website and re-visit the full range of Yamaha’s Electones since 1959. (The text used on this site is in Japanese.)

• Page 20: Music Software – ‘PrintMusic 2009’
The New Year heralds a new edition of Janet’s favourite music score writing software – PrintMusic! Many Yamaha Club magazine readers will be aware that she has been a fan of this program for years…

• Page 21: Music For You (Janet Dowsett)
Janet Dowsett introduces another collection of music books (with discount prices for Yamaha Club members).
o The Complete Keyboard Player – Great Film Themes
o 100 No.1 Hits
o Chord Magic – by Janet Dowsett

• Page 22: Little Diamond
Despite all the wonderful instrumental voices on offer from Yamaha’s Tyros keyboard series it seems that the old fashioned sound of the theatre (or cinema) organ is as popular as ever. Theatre Magic is a collection of six brand new ‘high definition’ theatre organ samples. Recorded in full stereo these rich beautiful theatre organ voices can be used either as a self contained package or added to previous collections such as the ‘Diamond’ and ‘Wizard Compton’ sets.

• Page 24: F.A.Q. (Glyn Madden standing in for Steve Marsden)
The Christmas period was really quite busy at Yamaha’s technical support desk – not least because poor old Steve spent most of it out of action recovering from a hernia operation leaving the department seriously over-stretched. Thankfully he’s back and well on the way to a full recovery but, having fielded just a few of the calls usually directed towards the technical boffins, it became apparent that many Yamaha owners don’t actually appreciate the level of ‘self-help’ that is already available from the Yamaha, Yamaha Club and YPKO websites.
Visit the; Yamaha Manual Library ; YPKO ; Tyros3 Official website ; Tyros2 Official website

• Page 25: DVD Review – ‘Explore The Tyros3 with Eileen Lowry’
Since the release of her first DVD featuring Tyros 1 Yamaha Club member Eileen Lowry has become known to other enthusiasts as something of a ‘friend in need’… and she makes it her business to explore every button and slider a new instrument has to offer – before passing on the information via her tutorial DVDs.
More on Explore The Tyros3…

• Page 26: ARtiste Series – Tips From The Top (Glyn Madden)
There is now so much material in the archive relating to the AR organ you’d be forgiven for thinking that everything anyone could possibly want to know has been covered. Leafing through the manual, however, Glyn was surprised to find several things that, previously, he’d just glossed over – or simply forgotten. Some are very trivial and hardly worth mentioning. Others though might come under the heading ‘useful tips’…

• Page 28: Yamaha Club & YPKO Online (James Woodcock)
The Yamaha Club has shared the YPKO forum for a few years and, with such a mammoth community now registered online, it seemed appropriate for Yamaha Club subscribers to have their own password protected area allowing them to discuss the contents of the magazine in the knowledge they are only chatting with other club members. James explains how this operates…

• Page 29: Notebook (Your letters & emails)
Topics include…
o Music Finder Plus – Peter Baartmans explains more in a ‘You Tube’ demo.
o Club member Margaret Dodds has sent in a collection of MIDI files to download.
o Theatre Organ In A Box – Watch the ‘You Tube’ demo featuring Yamaha HS8 as host keyboard…
o Step Recording: Visit our archive. No.9 features a series on step-recording by Andrew Leitch
o Ai Fingering: For more information visit our archive No. 48 ‘Professional Chords’ – a series by Jackie Marsden


• Have you visited our on-line shop yet? You can now order software, accessories, CDs and DVDs on-line. James Woodcock has provided a beginners guide for those new to Internet shopping.

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)