Yamaha Club Magazine – October / November 2009 edition

Have you got your copy of The Yamaha Club Magazine yet? If you’re a subscriber and it hasn’t arrived yet don’t worry – it’s on its way. Outside it’s starting to get chilly again and, with the dark nights drawing in, it’s time to get back indoors and settle down for a few enjoyable hours making music…

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• What’s new in the October / November edition of Yamaha Club Magazine…?

• Page 5: Club News

Home organ cabinet for Yamaha Tyros
A new traditional ‘home’ cabinet has been produced for Tyros3 in a collaberation between Yamaha UK and Orla UK.

• Page 6: Overture & Beginners (Steve Selwood)
Steve uses a PSR-S500 to illustrate his series for owners Yamaha’s ‘smaller’ keyboard range. This month he’s looking at saving song/registration and other content from the keyboard to external devices such as USB/disk/SmartMedia.

• Page 8: Easy-Beat Music: Six Of The Best (Penny Weedon)
Penny Weedon’s music workshop for October/November is based on her composition ‘The Old Brown Hen’.
MIDI file and Audio performances of the piece are available to download from our ‘Members Area’ (Link).

• Page 10: It’s Easy To Play Yamaha (Simon Smith)
We take a look at Simon Smith’s ‘Made Easy’ audio/visual tutorial range – in particular his new release for owners of CVP400 series Clavinovas. (link)

• Page 12: Roger Hagarty’s Workshop (Roger Hagarty)
Roger explains – with step-by-step illustrations – how to build a registration sequence. Although he uses a CVP409 to illustrate the article owners of all ‘top-end’ Yamaha keyboards and Clavinovas will be able to follow his instructions to achieve the same result.

• Page 15: Trade ads
Tutorial DVD – Getting Started: Exploring Music Finder (Link)
Tutorial DVD – Understanding Files & Folders (Link)
TRX Tyros double keyboard stand & two keyboard system (Link)
The Penny Picture Show – a new Cd release from Penny Weedon (link).

• Page 16: EL X-plorer (Alex Payler)
Alex Payler concludes his series on rhythm patterns for owners of EL Series Electones.

• Page 20: New CD/DVDs
Howard Beaumont has a new album “Music – Howard’s Way” featuring Yamaha keyboard, Clavinova and Electone instruments in addition to some vintage Hammond and Kawai models (link).
Paul Carman’s tutorial DVD ‘Tricks Of The Trade For Tyros’ is not so much a ‘Tyros user guide’ as a general ‘hints and tips’ DVD manual for the keyboard player.

• Page 21: Music For You (Janet Dowsett)
Janet Dowsett introduces another collection of music books (with discount prices for Yamaha Club members).
o It’s Easy To Play Buddy Holly (link)
o Fingering Magic – by Janet Dowsett (link)
o Timing Magic – by Janet Dowsett (link)

• Page 22: Notes From The AR-Group
More ideas for AR Electone organ owners, based on material provided by The AR-Group (Link). This month the article is based on the theatre, electronic and classical organ sounds of the AR.

• Page 24: Keyboard Performer (Tony Ross)
Part 22: Simple ways to enhance a piano sound. Tony shows you how you can sound great using only the simplest of sounds (and a bit of keyboard magic).

• Page 26: New Models for 2009 / 2010
We preview the incoming flagship Clavinova – the CVP509 and a brand new mid-range keyboard, the PSR-S910.

• Page 30: Notebook (Your letters & emails)
Topics include…

o Mini workshops.
o TRX Tyros double-keyboard system – update.
o Feedback on Yamaha’s Premium Content downloadable software.
o TRX double keyboard stand for Tyros and 2nd keyboard.
o How to create a ‘piano combo’ effect.


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Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)