Yamaha Club Magazine – Dec. ’09 / January 2010 edition

mag_dec_09It’s December already and, as the old year comes to a close, we look forward to an exciting New Year ahead at Yamaha Club.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all our readers, customers and fellow keyboard enthusiasts…

If you’re looking for a stocking filler, read on for quick links to some of the most popular items from our catalogue.

What’s new in this edition..?

• New Password to Members Only area
All new material referred to in the December / January edition is already in place in our archive and download sections – but the password will change on 1st December. To enter the ‘Members Area‘ just type the current password as shown into the box provided. The new password, which must be entered in upper case characters (as shown in the magazine) is given on page 4 of the December 2009 / January 2010 edition of Yamaha Club Magazine.

• Page 5: Club News

Digital Music Notebook – Version 3
The Digital Music Notebook has been updated…
To download, click here.

New Premium Content for Tyros3
The new Super Articulation2 ‘Pan Flute’ voices should be available to download from 1st December.
For more information click here.

• Page 6: Overture & Beginners (Steve Selwood)
For Steve’s final workshop of 2009 he divulges a few hints and tips for players of Yamaha’s smaller keyboards that they may have missed along the way.
Steve’s recent album – ‘Electricity’ – recorded using Yamaha keyboards and Clavinovas might make a nice stocking filler… For more information, click here.

• Page 8: Easy-Beat Music: Six Of The Best (Penny Weedon)
Penny Weedon’s music workshop for December/January is based on her composition ‘The Nanking Years’.
MIDI file and Audio performances of the piece are available to download from our ‘Members Area’ (Link).

• Page 10: Premium Content – Euro & US Organs
In this special feature Glyn Madden looks at the content of the Premium Euro & US Organ pack. He explains what makes these voices special in performance and offers a few tips for using the pre-programmed settings.

• Page 16: EL X-plorer (Alex Payler)
Alex Payler is back with some useful registration setting ideas for EL Electone players.

• Page 19: Christmas Quiz
Win a superb Yamaha TX-130 iPod dock – combined with DAB radio and CD player – in Beverley Coombes Christmas Quiz. This brilliant prize is worth around £350 but the competition is only open to Yamaha Club members.

• Page 19: New ‘Sounds Instrumental’ software from T.T.T.
In a departure from their more usual ‘oragn’ based offerings, T.T.T. has released a new collection of 160 registrations for Tyros2 and Tyros3 in the style of James Last, Glenn Miller, ‘Strictlty’ Ballroom… oh, and a selection of Franz Lambert-alike registrations based on the Wersi organ sound.
For more information, click here for Tyros2, click here for Tyros3.

• Page 20: New CD/DVDs
Penny Weedon’s new album, ‘The Penny Picture Show’, features a selection of her favourite songs and music from the movies. For more information click here.

A Beginners Guide To Drawbars – tutorial DVD presented by well-known organist Mike Hall. Mike is a master of the art and, although this isn’t a ‘Yamaha’ based tutorial, he offers the perfect introduction to anyone who relishes the chance to play in the traditional drawbar style – on any instrument. For more information, click here.

• Page 21: Music For You (Janet Dowsett)
Janet Dowsett introduces another three music books (with discount prices for Yamaha Club members).
o Easiest Keyboard Collection – Christmas
o The Complete Keyboard Player Anthology
o The Big Book Of Piano Songs

• Page 22: Notes From The AR-Group
More ideas for AR Electone organ owners, based on material provided by The AR-Group (Link). This month the group looks at the Knee Lever function and Hugh Wallington has some advice for anyone playing ‘Performance’ disk software.

• Page 24: Roger Hagarty’s Workshop
Part 12: Roger explains the importance of the [Part On/Off] and [Part Select] buttons.

• Page 26: The Yamaha Club Weekend – Oxford 2009
300 Yamaha keyboard enthusiasts converged on Oxford’s 4-Star Belfry Hotel in October. Glyn Madden gives his impression of the new venue and an account of how the weekend went…

For a selection of online photos by the members, and James Woodcock’s (YPKO) account of his experience at the event click here.

• Page 30: Notebook (Your letters & emails)

Topics include…

o Reflecting on 30 years with Yamaha.
o Yamaha Club Weekend.
o Regi-Sticks.
o Where to find imported sounds.
o ‘Missing’ theatre organ sounds – Using T.T.T. Software.
o Tyros ‘Traditionale’ – your thoughts and suggestions about the new organ cabinet for Tyros.
o Running out of memory when running both Yamaha Premium Content and T.T.T. Software.
o How to get continuous play from the onboard Song player.
o Work of art – a Club member in New Zealand proudly shows off the organ cabinet he has designed and had built for Tyros.
o Using A Microphone. A Club member offers a series for keyboard vocalists…
o Music arranged to order. Penny Weedon has news of a contact.


Christmas Stocking Fillers

Needing a stocking filler for the keyboard player in your family? Here’s a selection of favourites from our catalogue… You can now order software, accessories, CDs and DVDs on-line. James Woodcock has provided a beginners guide for those new to Internet shopping.

• Christmas Software for Organs
YCS001 Christmas – Volume 1 (AR100/AR80)
YCS007 A Christmas Carol (AR100/AR80)
YC037 Winter Wonderland (EL900/700/90/70/60/40)
AP011 Christmas with Glyn Madden & Martin Harris (EL900/700/90/70)

• Best Selling Registration Software for Keyboards
Regi-stick (PSR-S900)
Regi-stick Classic (Tyros2)
Regi-stick Classic (Tyros3)
Regi-stick Plus (Tyros2)
Regi-stick Plus (Tyros3)
Hooked on Klaus (Tyros2)
Hooked on Klaus (Tyros3)
Sounds Instrumental (Tyros2)
Sounds Instrumental (Tyros3)

• Best Selling Music CDs
Morning In Cornwall – Glyn Madden
Home Away From Home – Chiho Sunamoto
Home For Christmas – Various artists
Yamaha Club 10th Anniversary – Various artists
Electricity – Steve Selwood
Penny’s Picture Show – Penny Weedon
Music, Howard’s Way – Howard Beaumont

• Voice Sample Software for Tyros2/3 (Appropriate DIMMs must be installed.)
Diamond Edition (Theatre organ sounds for Tyros2)
Wizard Compton: (Theatre organ sounds for Tyros2)
Wizard Compton: (Theatre organ sounds for Tyros3)
Theatre Magic – Volume 1 (Theatre organ sounds for Tyros3 only)
Theatre Magic – Volume 2 (Theatre organ sounds for Tyros3 only)
Klaus Magic – European organ voices for Tyros2
Klaus Magic – European organ voices for Tyros3

• Popular Accessories
USB Floppy Disk Drive (Sony)
Carry Bags (New ‘Yamaha Purple’ design – please phone 01246 290454 to order)
Footswitch/Sustain pedal (Yamaha FC5)
Footswitch/Sustain pedal – Deluxe (Yamaha FC4P)
Volume controller/Expression pedal (Yamaha FC7)

• DVD Tutorials
These tutorials are compatible with all of the following models:
Tyros 1, 2 & 3 keyboards ; PSR1000-3000 keyboards ; PSR-S700/S710/S900/S910 keyboards and CVP200/300/400 & 500 series Clavinovas.

Getting Started – Exploring Music Finder
Understanding Files & Folders
Basic Sequencing – Recording With Song Creator (New!)

• Audio Tutorials
These tutorial are compatible with the specific instruments they relate to…
PSR1500 & PSR3000 Made Easy
PSR-S700/900 Made Easy
Tyros Made Easy
Tyros2 Made Easy
CVP200 Series Clavinovas Made Easy
CVP300 Series Clavinovas Made Easy
CVP400 Series Clavinovas Made Easy

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)