Yamaha Club Magazine – August/September 2010 edition

The August/September edition of Yamaha Club Magazine is now available. Most UK members will have already received their copies – and, hopefully overseas subscribers will have theirs soon. Read on for news of what’s in the latest edition and for links to the associated downloads and web pages.

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The password changes each time a new edition of the magazine is published – and it has now changed to the one provided on page 4 of the August/September edition. To enter the ‘Members Area‘ just type the current password as shown into the box provided. The new password must be entered in upper case characters (as shown in the magazine).

What’s new for August/September..?

• Page 5: Club News
CVP509 DVD: A copy of the promotional CVP509 DVD, presented by Glyn Madden & James Sargeant, is enclosed with the August/September edition of Yamaha Club Magazine. If your copy is missing – or, if you are not a subscriber to Yamaha Club Magazine and would like Yamaha UK to send you a copy, please send your request for ‘CVP509 DVD’ to: nicole_jones@gmx.yamaha.com

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• Page 6: The A-Z of Yamaha Keyboards
Keyboard terminology explained by Steve Selwood.

• Page 7: Avant Grand
Introducing the new Yamaha digital piano that’s taking the music industry by storm…

• Page 8: Easy-Beat Music
Composer Heather Hammond presents the first in a new series of her ‘Soundabout’ music workshops. Visit Kevin Mayhew Publishing for more of Heather’s compositions and arrangements.

• Page 10: Chord Sequence Workshop
A chord sequence workshop by Glyn Madden – based on the tutorial DVD ‘Basic Sequencing – Recording with Song Creator’.

• Page 16: Roger Hagarty’s Workshop
Roger Hagarty (of Roger’s Music) creates some old-fashioned organ sounds using the voice editor to add sustain and rotary speaker effects.

• Page 20: Bits & Pieces
A new range of keyboard carrybags is now available from Yamaha Club.
Carrybag (large)
Carrybag (medium)

• Page 20: DVD Review:
Janet Dowsett reviews the ‘Totally Interactive Keyboard Bible’.

• Page 21: Music For You
Our music book reviews this month include:
‘One More Time 10 – Ballroom Favourites 2’
‘The Beatles Keyboard Book’
‘Easiest Keyboard Collection – Top Chart Hits’

• Page 22: Notes from the AR-Group
This month the AR-Group is looking at Melody On Chord (M.O.C.).

• Page 24: We Can Arrange It
Top performer/teacher Penny Weedon her exploration of ‘Intros’.
MIDI /MP3 Audio examples are available to listen to or download.

• Page 28: Spotlight on OrganFax
Chris Powell, one of the leading lights of the new OrganFax team tells us of the efforts being made to revive interest in the website and bring it back to the forefront of the oirgan/keyboard world.

• Page 30: Strings & Things
Total Transformation Technology (T.T.T.) announces the introduction of ‘Strings & Things’ – the company’s latest sample collection for Tyros2 and Tyros3 keyboards.

• Page 32: Notebook
A round up of your letters and emails to Yamaha Club Magazine. The following links are mentioned…
Diamond Theatre Organ samples
Yamaha MusicSoft (Commercial Yamaha software)
BCK (Commercial MIDI files)
MIDI Mole (Free MIDI file downloads)
Phil Kelsall M.B.E. (Official website) l
Sequencing Tutorial DVD
Regi-Stick 3 (Registration settings for Tyros3)
Graham Foxall on You Tube
Shades of Gray
Other performances by Graham

• Page 32: New CD from Andrew Varley
‘Just In Time’ – played on Tyros2

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)