Two new DVD tutorials released for Christmas

Two new tutorial DVDs have been released just in time for Christmas and both are available from the Yamaha Club’s online shop.

The Professional Touch – Building a Performance

In ‘Building A Performance’ popular UK demonstrator Richard Bower illustrates how, by making small changes in the way you approach a new piece of music, you can transform a basic tune into a performance. Richard’s years of experience shine through in this workshop which is packed with good ideas and common sense advice.
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Tyros 4 Tutorial: Hear the difference. Play your dream!

Eileen Lowry is a keyboard enthusiast of the highest calibre. Although not a professional player herself many accomplished players have benefited as a result of her wealth of knowledge and understanding of these keyboards. It is her empathy with the home musician that makes her tutorials so informative and enjoyable for all those who play Yamaha keyboards as a hobby.
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Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)