Yamaha Club Magazine – June/July 2011 edition

The June / July 2011 edition of Yamaha Club Magazine is on its way to subscribers. As always it is filled with workshops and news items to make sure you get the very best from your Yamaha keyboard or Clavinova. Read on for more news of what’s included – and for links to the associated downloads and web pages.

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Our old archive contains a wealth of material dating back many years and our new archive is being updated and added to all the time. The password to the Members’ Area where the archive is stored changes each time a new edition of the magazine is published – and, sometime during 1st June, it will change to the one provided on page 4 of the June/July 2011 edition. Until a new password takes over, however, the current one remains effective. To enter the ‘Members Area‘ just type the relevant password into the box provided. The new password must be entered in upper or lower case characters (exactly as shown in the magazine).

Club News

• Japan disaster appeal:
With thanks to everyone who supported our appeal we give an update on our fund-raising activities.

• Yamaha Club weekend update:
Jean Martyn, Chris Stanbury and Ian House join the line-up for our annual get-together in Oxford. To book your place at the event phone Sceptre Promotions on 01780 782093.

News from YPKO

• YPKO closes after six successful years:
James Woodcock’s popular website, ‘Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner’, has closed along with the forum. We bid farewell to YPKO and look to the future.


• ‘Keyboard Magic’:
Glyn Madden presents a six-page illustrated workshop for all keyboard and Clavinova players in which he reveals some ‘hidden’ treasures you may have missed when exploring your keyboard or Clavinova.

• AR Electone workshop:
Peter Anderson concludes his examination of the AR’s Condition page with an explanation of the effects settings.

Part 14 of ‘Notes from the AR-Group’
The AR-Group (link)

• Storing new voice samples (Tyros3 and Tyros4):
In a five-page workshop for Tyros owners, Glyn Madden returns to the subject of sampled sounds – how to import, store and use them.

• Music workshop:
‘Just Another Love Song’ by Heather Hammond
Download audio/MIDI illustration and backing tracks of ‘Just Another Love Song’. (link)
Music books by Heather Hammond (link)

• Roger Hagarty’s workshop:
Part 21: Roger’s back with another look at MIDI. In this issue he explains how you can link two keyboards together and/or add MIDI bass pedals to your system.

Regular Features

• A-Z of Yamaha keyboard terminology:
Steve Selwood’s journey continues with more keyboard / Clavinova features beginning with the letter ‘F’!
Steve’s latest CD is available from the Yamaha Club shop (link)

• Notebook (letters to Yamaha Club)

• Club Shop – buy and sell


• CD: Around the World with Carol Bradbury:
It’s good to welcome Carol back with a new collection of music for sequence dancers – or simply for those who enjoy a musical selection of easy listening keyboard music played on the Yamaha PSR-S910 keyboard.

• Tutorial DVD: Learn to play blues piano:
Janet Dowsett reviews another DVD by David Bennett Cohen – available from The Music People (link)

• ‘Music For You’:
LCM examiner Janet Dowsett presents another selection of sheet music for keyboard, organ and Clavinova players…
All music books are available from The Music People
‘Popular Classics’ (link)
‘Popular Hits’ (link)
‘Great Songs’ (link)

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)