Yamaha Club Magazine – August/September 2011 edition

It’s summer (honest!) and the August /September 2011 edition of the Yamaha Club Magazine is now available. Read on for more information about what our latest issue contains – and for links to any associated downloads and web pages.

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Members Area

The Yamaha Club archive, housed in our ‘Members Area‘, contains a wealth of material dating back many years and it is updated on a regular basis. The current password came into effect on August 1st – in line with the publication of our latest magazine – and is provided on page 4 of the August edition. Enter the password in upper or lower case characters (exactly as shown in the August edition of Yamaha Club Magazine).


• Notes from the AR-Group
In part 15 of the series, the AR-Group fit a USB floppy disk emulator to the Electone.
The AR-Group (link)

• Easy Beat Music
Penny Weedon’s back with us – and keeping it ‘all in the family’.
Members’ access to MIDI/Audio files (link)

• Roger Hagarty’s Workshop
In part 22 of his popular series Roger has some ideas for organising his favourite registration settings.

• Tyros4 Exclusively
Brilliant young keyboard player Ian House joins the Yamaha UK demonstration team and writes for Yamaha Club Magazine about recording ‘real music’ with the audio recorder.

• Keyboard Magic!
Glyn Madden unlocks more ‘hidden’ secrets of the keyboard.


• News
A delegation of Japanese fact-finders visit the Yamaha Club – and there’s news of new DVD tutorials from Glyn Madden and James Woodcock.

• Coffee-time quiz
Our regular musical coffee-time teaser – contributed by Beverley Coombes.

• Jean’s Got Talent
Jean Martyn’s roller-coaster ride on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show.

• Coming Home (Return of the Scottish Warrier)
A special composition from Yamaha Club member Robert Browning that is to feature as the title track of a new CD by the Scots Guards.

• A-Z of Yamaha Keyboards
In part 10 of the series keyboard player Steve Selwood reaches the letter ‘G’ in his explanation of Yamaha keyboard/Clavinova terminology.
Steve’s latest CD is available from the Yamaha Club shop (link)

• Notebook
A selection of your letters and emails to Yamaha Club Magazine.

• The Club Shop
Buy and sell through our classified advert section.


• ‘Turbo-Charger’ – Software Review
New sample, multi-pad and registration software for Tyros4 from Total Transformation Technology. (Link)

• ‘Music For You’ – Sheet Music Review
London College examiner Janet Dowsett offers another selection of music for keyboards.
1. The Complete Piano Player – Carpenters (link)
2. 101 Latin Hits For Buskers (link)
3. The Complete Keyboard Player – Easy Listening (link)

• DVD Review
Learn to Play Blues Piano – Boogie Woogie & Slow Blues – presented by David Bennett Cohen (link)

Yamaha dealers featured in our August edition

• Roger’s Music
Visit Rogers Music at: www.rogers-music.co.uk

• Millington Music
Visit Millington Music at: www.musicalinstrumentssheffield.co.uk

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)