‘Anticipation’ – Debut CD on Tyros4 from James Woodcock

‘Anticipation’ is James Woodcock’s debut recording in assiciation with Yamaha Club. Regular Yamaha Club followers will recognise his name as that of the cameraman/producer of the succesful ‘Playing Yamaha’ range of tutorial DVDs.

Yamaha Club Magazine editor Glyn Madden wrote:
“James Woodcock is one of those very lucky people who have an innate empathy with music. His album is very different from the normal collection of well known tunes that we normally find in the track listings but (if those searching the ‘ambient music’ areas of iTunes etc. are anything to go by), there is quite a demand for this kind of music! The sounds he chooses and the way he combines tone colours suit the electronic keyboard very well and I, for one, have certainly enjoyed listening to his debut recording.”

This is what James says about ‘Anticipation’:
“I’d probably label myself a ‘home keyboard enthusiast’ because, having rarely taken any formal instruction, I tend to fall back on ‘trial and error’ methods acquired over years of experimentation. None-the-less, it has always been an ambition to create a CD of my original compositions. ‘Anticipation’, which was made using the Yamaha Tyros4, has ten tracks that combine a variety of techniques and keyboard features whilst taking advantage of external audio editing software ‘Adobe Audition CS5.5’ and, in some instances, ‘Cakewalk Express’, which is a MIDI sequencing package.

Each original composition is a mix of orchestral and ambient electronic tracks, intended to relax, excite and/or provoke an emotion. I always seem to return to the keyboard’s ‘ethereal’ styles for inspiration because, with no definite rhythmic drum beat, these make the perfect base on which to layer different instrumental sounds and tempi in pursuit of a particular dramatic effect. I expand them by layering multipads and additional tracks to further enhance the finished soundscape.

I really hope you enjoy my first CD ‘Anticipation’ and that, if nothing else, it inspires you to consider using some of the processes involved in your own original creations.”

Tracks include:

1) Anticipation 2) Hold On 3) Elements 4) Lovely Loco 5) Star Chaser 6) Terror Bite 7) Trepidation 8) Arise 9) Emotional Ties 10) A New Dawn

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Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)