EKL – Volume 1: New CD on Tyros4 from Glyn Madden

Songs from the Easy Keyboard Library – Glyn Madden

‘Songs from the Easy Keyboard Library’ heralds the start of a new CD series by Yamaha artist Glyn Madden in which he plays music from a popular series of keyboard music books. The recording stands alone in its own right as an enjoyable selection of music to listen to – but, for anyone who want to copy his performance on their own keyboard, basic arrangements of each of the pieces he plays are widely available in the Easy Keyboard Library series and a seven-page registration guide outlining the set-ups he uses together with play-along backing tracks are available to download…

About the recording

I recently wrote a series of articles for the Yamaha Club Magazine in which I matched some well known songs with appropriate accompaniment styles for the Yamaha arranger keyboard. To give readers a reference point for the song titles featured I based my suggestions on music from the ever popular ‘Easy Keyboard Library’ series. Much of the feedback we received since has carried a common request… Would it be possible to record some audio examples of my song/style suggestions for keyboard enthusiasts to copy?

Well, this recording is the result.

• Who is it for?
Songs from the Easy Keyboard Library is not intended as a CD for the keyboard pro’s, or for programmers and aficionados – who will, I hope, look kindly on my attempts to use the keyboard in the way that the majority of keyboard owners play at home. Nor is it intended as a demonstration of the vast capabilities of such a versatile instrument as the Yamaha Tyros4. It is purely an illustration of what can be achieved using the keyboard in its natural state (i.e. with no add-ons, voice editing, extra software or multi-track layering).

• You can do this!!
All the sounds I’ve used are provided by the Tyros4’s standard One Touch Settings (OTS) and all the accompaniment styles and multipads are from the preset selection that comes as part of a brand new keyboard – ‘straight out of the box’. What you hear is definitely achievable!

Having said that, because the arrangements in the EKL books are quite short, I’ve used recording software to group several pieces together for the majority of tracks – fading slightly between each new style and eradicating any ‘glitches’ that would detract from the recording in the process. As a result I hope you’ll find the recording both entertaining and listenable because, after all, that is what it’s all about. Whether you want to star as the leader of your own big band, jazz combo, or 1950s rock band it’s all possible with your arranger keyboard.

• Basic arrangements of the sheet music I’ve used are widely available
If you enjoy the music I play you can find all the basic arrangements in selected volumes of the Easy Keyboard Library. Okay, I’ve added one or two slightly more ‘tasty’ chords where I’ve felt they’re appropriate – and I’ve extended some of the pieces with the odd bit of improvisation (based on the sequence of chords in the music score) – but I hope this will only add to your enjoyment and inspire you to do the same when you play the keyboard.

Basically the message is simply to have fun, make some great sounds… and, most of all, enjoy playing your arranger keyboard.
Glyn Madden

Free 7-page registration setup guide available to download

To accompany the recording I’ve produced a 7-page registration guide to give Yamaha keyboard owners an outline of my ‘running order’ for each piece – including the style variation changes and a basic guide to each of the One Touch Settings I’ve used.

• Registrations for all models…
The guide explains my basic setup for each tune although it will help if you have the CD to listen to as you reconstruct my setups for yourself. Although the One Touch Settings (OTS) are specific to Tyros4 I’ve included the content in brackets to help owners of other models create the right sounds.

• Registrations for Tyros4 only…
As an extra ‘plus!’ specifically for any Tyros4 owner who wants to recreate my performances at home, the REGISTRATION/SONG setups I’ve used for each of the 26 pieces featured on the recording are available to download from our online shop.

Purchase ‘Songs from the Easy Keyboard Library’ CD (13 tracks – 26 songs)

Download 7-page PDF Registration Guide (free)

Purchase Registrations & Song Files by download.

Track list

(links to a source for the music books are included in brackets)

1/1 House Of Eliot (EKL Instrumental Classics)
1/2 It’s All Right With Me (EKL Jazz Classics)
1/3 It Don’t Mean A Thing (EKL Jazz Classics)

2/1 The Green Door (EKL The Fifties)
2/2 Mister Sandman (EKL The Fifties)
2/3 All I Have To Do Is Dream (EKL Number 1 Hits – Volume 1)

3 Eternal Flame (EKL Number 1 Hits – Volume 1)

4/1 A Teenager In Love (EKL The Fifties)
4/2 It Doesn’t Matter Any More (EKL The Fifties)

5 Amazing Grace (EKL Number 1 Hits – Volume 1)

6/1 On The Sunny Side Of The Street (EKL Big Band Hits)
6/2 Stardust (EKL Jazz Classics)
6/3 Misty (EKL Jazz Classics)

7/1 Annie’s Song (EKL Number 1 Hits – Volume 1)
7/2 Autumn Leaves (EKL The Fifties)

8/1 Magic Moments (EKL The Fifties)
8/2 Whatever Will Be Will Be (EKL The Fifties)
8/3 La Bamba (EKL Number 1 Hits – Volume 1)

9 Here’s That Rainy Day (EKL Jazz Classics)

10/1 It Had To Be You (EKL Big Band Hits)
10/2 The Stripper (EKL Instrumental Classics)

11/1 Cavatina (EKL Instrumental Classics)
11/2 What A Wonderful World (EKL Number 1 Hits – Volume 1)

12 A Whiter Shade Of Pale (EKL Number 1 Hits – Volume 1)

13/1 Satin Doll (EKL Jazz Classics)
13/2 Come Fly With Me (EKL Big Band Hits)

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)