Klaus-4-PSR software for PSR-S750/S950 keyboards


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About the new Klaus-4-PSR software

Jason Lee’s ‘Klaus-4-Tyros’ software received such acclaim that he has taken the opportunity to create ‘Klaus-4-PSR’ – a similar version for the mid-range PSR-S750/S950 keyboards.

Naturally we’re delighted to hear this because… (a) we thought the original software for Tyros4 was super and (b) it’s nice to hear of software being produced for the ‘smaller’ models. I think that, when they try it, owners of these instruments will be delighted too!

Although the PSR-S750/950 models don’t have the on-board Wersi samples that are part of the Tyros4’s specification Jason has skillfully reworked the registration settings from his original package using the sounds available – and the result is excellent. You can read our review of the original ‘Klaus-4-Tyros’ software below…

Yamaha Club Magazine’s review of the original Klaus-4-Tyros

There are lots of ‘Klaus’ software titles on the market, either imitating or reproducing by sample technology the various Hammond and Wersi sounds of the late, great, Klaus Wunderlich – and some are very good indeed. There seems to be no end, though, to the popularity of this sound and I’ve come across a new piece of software that I absolutely love! I’m sure the Klaus fans amongst you will too.

It’s ‘plug and play’ – so you don’t need to install more memory…

In my view the ‘Klaus-4-Tyros’ (and ‘Klaus-4-PSR’) packages represent outstanding value for money because they contain…

  • A USB stick that gives you everything you need to simply ‘plug in and play’ – without the need to install expensive additional memory modules.
  • Eight excellent basic registrations that each call up settings for a different style of music.
  • Customised styles
  • Customised multi-pads
  • A superb collection of edited Organ Flutes for ‘Hammond H’ and European organ sounds.
  • It costs just £25 (inc. UK p/p).
  • If this whets your appetite read on…

    Glyn Madden

    1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)