Yamaha Club Magazine: February – March 2014


With our re-location problems finally behind us it’s time to concentrate on the new edition of our magazine. Without wanting to change our tried and tested layout too dramatically, we’ve altered the design just enough to provide us with more text/image space per page and, hopefully, give a clearer indication of what each section is about.

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Members Area

The Yamaha Club archive, housed in our ‘Members Area‘, is updated on a regular basis and contains a wealth of material dating back many years (as well as new items pertaining to this specific issue). To gain access to this area after 1st February use the password that is published on page 4 of the latest edition of the magazine. Use upper or lower case characters (exactly as shown).


• Roger Hagarty’s Workshop – part 36

Roger Hagarty of Roger’s Music in Nottingham continues his ever popular workshop series. At the moment his attention is focused on the many wonderful properties of the Mixing Console – a feature that continues to mystify Clavinova and keyboard players alike.
Visit Roger’s Music, Nottingham

• Heather Hammond’s “Twiddly Bits” – part 3

A 12-bar blues piece called ‘Benji’s Boogie Blues’, is the theme for another workshop in improvisation (or ‘twiddly bits’) by the wonderful teacher/composer Heather Hammond.
Find more music by Heather Hammond

• Arranging Songs from the Easy Keyboard Library – part 6

A workshop for slightly more experienced and/or adventurous keyboard players – presented by Glyn Madden as a step-by-step guide to creating an arrangement based on the written music contained in the ‘Easy Keyboard Library’ series.
Find the ‘Songs from the Easy Keyboard Library’ CDs that accompany this series in our online shop.
Volume 1 ; Volume 2

• Exploring Regi-stick – part 12

The Regi-stick has received quite a bit of attention in this issue as new Tyros5 owners ask questions about the software’s compatibility with the latest Yamaha flagship keyboard – so this chapter concentrates on giving Regi-stick owners song suggestions to use with another eight banks of the registration settings.
Regi-stick Plus (for Tyros2) ; RS3 (for Tyros3) ; RS4 (for Tyros4)

• Notes From The AR-Group

Peter Anderson from the ‘AR-Group’ explains the AR series Electone’s Voice Edit function.
Visit the AR-Group


• ‘Music For You’ – Sheet Music Review

Janet Dowsett recommends another selection of music books for piano, organ and keyboard players.

Find ‘Playalong 50/50 Piano 50 Pop Hits’
Find ‘Really Easy Piano – The Nutcracker’
Find ‘Easy Keyboard Library – Easy Listening’

Feature Guides

• Getting Started

Helpful tips for setting up a new keyboard/Clavinova.

• Tyros5 – Below the Surface

We examine Tyros5’s compatibility, or otherwise, with some popular software packages. Many of the questions we’re being asked initially relate to the compatibility of the Tyros5 with existing software – and most are due to the omission/removal of the Voice Creator function…

• CVP – Close-up & Personal:

Part 4: Richard Bower settles into the driving seat of a series exclusively for owners of CVP605/609 ‘touch-screen’ Clavinovas. He begins by telling us how to personalise the CVP’s Home Screen

• Playing Songs with Style

Style and registration suggestions to go with music from the Easy Keyboard Library – ‘The Sixties’ music album.
Find ‘The Sixties’ at The Music People


News: News from in and around the Yamaha Club.

• Coffee-time Quiz – contributed by Beverley Coombes

“Are you getting your five a day?” is the theme for Beverley Coombes, regular coffee time teaser.

• Notebook

A selection of your letters and emails to Yamaha Club Magazine

• The Club Shop

Buy and sell through our classified advert section.

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)