Yamaha Club Magazine: February / March 2015 edition


Despite the heavy snow, our new edition is starting to arrive at the homes of subscribers. We welcome teacher Gill Eccles to our pages and performer/composer Penny Weedon makes a welcome return. As always the magazine is about all the things you need to keep you informed and inspire you in your hobby.

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Members Area

The Yamaha Club archive, housed in our ‘Members Area‘, is updated on a regular basis and contains a wealth of material dating back many years (as well as new items pertaining to this specific issue). To gain access to this area after 1st February use the password that’s published on page 4 of the latest edition of the magazine. The password is case sensitive so be sure to enter it exactly as shown.

Workshops & Tutorials

• Tyros Tipsters

The ‘Tyros Tipsters’ are back with, appropriately, ‘The Big Freeze’ – advice on using the FREEZE button.

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Find Tyros Tipsters DVD: Series 2 in our online shop.
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Find ‘Tyros Tipsters‘ online

• Gill Eccles’ Guide To Reading Music

Gill Eccles, a teacher with over 30 years experience, joins us for the first in her series that sets out to answer the theory questions that inevitably arise as you learn to play the keyboard.

• Roger Hagarty’s Workshop – part 42

One of our best loved contributors, Roger Hagarty, reaches part 42 in his workshop series. In this issue he reaches the conclusion of his guide to the Mixing Console with an explanation of the LINE OUT controls.
Visit Roger’s Music, Nottingham

• CVP – Up Close & Personal

In part 11 of a series dedicated to the touch controls of the CVP-605/609 Clavinovas, Yamaha UK demonstrator Richard Bower takes us through the pages of the MIXER function.

• Penny Classics

Always a very popular contributer to Yamaha Club Magazine, Penny Weedon returns to our pages – this time wearing her ‘arranger’s’ hat and an easy(ish) collection of some well known classics.
Visit Penny at her website – ‘Pentone Music’
Download a free MIDI and/or MP3 AUDIO file of Penny playing her arrangement.

• Setting a Registration Sequence

We show you how to create a registration sequence based on the arrangement by Penny Weedon.

• Playing Songs with Style

Glyn Madden presents an ‘easy arranger’ workshop based on the song ‘Misty’ from the Easy Keyboard Library music book series..
Find Easy Keyboard Library ‘Music Finder’ software online to set up your keyboard.
NEW: ‘Country Songs’ (Tyros5) Easy Keyboard Library ‘Music Finder’ software

Reviews & Feature

• ‘Music For You’ – Sheet Music Review

Janet Dowsett reviews ’50 Songs For All Keyboards: 4-Chord Songbook’.
Purchase 50 Songs For All Keyboards: 4-Chord Songbook online

• Software Update:

T.T.T. announces two new ‘Mega-Packs’ with the best of their organ and instrumental sample voices for Tyros4 and Tyros5 keyboards.
Purchase T.T.T. Mega-Packs online

• A-Z of the Yamaha Keyboard

We continue to unravel the jargon used in ‘keyboard speak’ in our ‘A-Z’ guide.


• Members Area / Archive

Since the start of the year we’ve updated our archive with content from the 2014 editions of Yamaha Club Magazine. Updates include…

01: Playing Songs with Style (4 articles)
02: Arranging Songs from the Easy Keyboard Library (8 articles)
03: Roger Hagarty’s Workshop (6 articles)
04: Notes from the AR Group (5 articles)
05: CVP – Up Close & Personal (6 articles)
06: Exploring Regi-stick (6 articles)

• Yamaha News

Yamaha offers a one-year free subscription to new Tyros5 buyers at the start of 2015 – and Keyboard Cavalcade celebrates 30 years at the top of the organ/keyboard festival world.

• Notebook

A selection of your letters and emails to Yamaha Club Magazine

• The Club Shop

Buy and sell through our classified ad’s section.

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)