Yamaha Club Magazine: April / May edition 2017

mag_april_17The cover of our April cover has the awe inspiring Mount Fuji as a backdrop to the beautiful cherry blossom that appears all over Japan at this time of year. Spring is here and, whilst the temptation is to take advantage of the longer days to be out and about, our April edition reminds us that there’s still plenty of time to enjoy our keyboard hobby too.

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Members Area / Archive

The Yamaha Club archive, housed in our ‘Members Area‘, is updated on a regular basis and contains a wealth of material dating back many years (as well as new items pertaining to this specific issue). To gain access to this area after 1st April 2017 use the password that’s published on page 4 of the latest edition of the magazine. The password is case sensitive so be sure to enter it exactly as shown.

Workshops & Tutorials

• Keyboard Workshop: Let’s Play!

Making a few easy adjustments to your keyboard’s existing sounds and styles can often inspire us to play songs in a new and different way. This month we make a few easy edits to create some ‘new’ piano based styles.

• CVP – Up Close & Personal… with Richard Bower

Richard Bower, keyboard player, pianist and… organist, calls on his experience in playing the organ as he continues his explanation of the touch-screen CVP Clavinova’s Organ Flutes section..

• Penny Pieces… with Penny Weedon FLCM ARCO LGSM

Penny Weedon is back with a piece from her album ‘By The Fireside’. MP3 and MIDI illustrations of the piece are available to download from the members’ area as usual.

Visit Penny at her website – ‘Weedon Music’

Download a free MIDI and/or MP3 AUDIO file of Penny playing her arrangement of Schubert’s‘By The Fireside’.

• Gill Eccles’ Guide To Reading Music – part 13

‘How to play chords’. Gill sets us the challenge of working out the best way to play a series of chords to minimise movement of our left hand and progress smoothly from one chord to the next.

• Playing Songs with Style – part 17

In this series Glyn Madden offers easy to follow, easy to play, arranger workshops based on song arrangements published in the ‘Easy Keyboard Library’ music books. No.17: ‘Love Is The Sweetest Thing’ (EKL – Music Hall)

Subscribers can email glyn@yamaha-club.co.uk for an mp3 file of the finished project.

• Multi Pad Workshop

Glyn Madden shows how to create multi pad recordings specifically designed to complete the arrangement in his ‘Playing Songs with Style’ workshop.

Reviews & Features

• ‘Music For You’ – Sheet Music Review

‘The Easy Keyboard Library – Music Hall’ is Janet’s choice this month to tie in with the ‘Playing Songs with Style’ workshop..

Find ‘The Easy Keyboard Library – Music Hall’ at The Music People

• Software

1) ‘Music Hall’ Music Finder Software: The latest Music Finder set to be released in Yamaha Club’s ‘Easy Keyboard Library’ Music Finder series is based on an album of great tunes from the bygone era of Music Hall. The music book (not included) contains twenty-three well known sing-along favourites and the Music Finder set provides instant keyboard set-ups for them all. We recap the song titles in our Music Finder Collection which now covers 25 books in The Easy Keyboard Library music book series. Each Music Finder file can be downloaded individually so that you can ‘pick & mix’ the titles to match the music books in your collection.

Find the Easy Keyboard Library Music Finder Collection in our on-line shop.

2) ‘Split Lower Voices’ Sample Software: Jason Lee has posted a new video at his Organaut channel on You Tube showcasing a new collection of split keyboard voices he has created for anyone using a Tyros 2/3/4 or 5 in a two-keyboard TRX-type system. The pack contains over 60 lower keyboard voices featuring a right/left split in many combinations such as Big Band / Saxes ; Saxes / Mute Trumpet ; Allegro Strings / Sweet Sax etc. and many of these are demonstrated on his You Tube video.

Watch Jason’s video on You Tube…

3) ‘Multi-Verse’ Registration Software: Total Transformation Technology (T.T.T.) has just released a new ‘Plug & Play’ software collection. This is a straight forward, very easy to use, registration collection that is played straight from the USB stick it’s supplied on – with no need for the Yamaha Expansion Manager program or the installation of extra memory.
The collection has a total of 136 ‘themed’ registrations arranged in seventeen banks.

Visit the T.T.T. website for more details…

• Glyn Madden’s Spring Collection

A dozen songs to put a spring in your step as we head through April and into May – together with suggested styles and melody voices.


• Notebook

A selection of your letters and emails to Yamaha Club Magazine

• The Club Shop

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Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)