Yamaha Club Magazine: June / July edition 2017

mag_june_17Our June / July edition is on its way to subscribers – with plenty of hobby material to keep you going for the next couple of months. In addition to the various workshops there’s an introduction to Yamaha’s new CLP-600 series Clavinova that has recently been starting to appear in dealers stores throughout the UK. If you’re holidaying during June and July have a great time – but don’t neglect your keyboard altogether will you?

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Members Area / Archive

The Yamaha Club archive, housed in our ‘Members Area‘, is updated on a regular basis and contains a wealth of material dating back many years (as well as new items pertaining to this specific issue). To gain access to this area after 1st June 2017 use the password that’s published on page 4 of the latest edition of the magazine. The password is case sensitive so be sure to enter it exactly as shown.

Workshops & Tutorials

Introducing the Clavinova CLP-600 Series… with Ian House

The multi-award-winning Yamaha Clavinova is the world’s most popular digital piano range from the world’s largest musical instrument company. Although the majority of our readers play an accompaniment style based instrument such as a Clavinova CVP or keyboard model, it is the classically styled CLP that is having a huge impact on the ‘traditional’ piano world. Yamaha’s Ian House introduces the latest incarnation of the digital piano….

Find out more about the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-600 series

CVP – Up Close & Personal… with Richard Bower

The old organists amongst us will remember a time when 16 rhythms on an instrument were a lot. On today’s CVP Clavinova there are well over 400. Do we really need so many? Well, yes… and Richard Bower explains why.

Penny Pieces… with Penny Weedon FLCM ARCO LGSM

Since moving to our new house Tony and I have become completely entranced by gardening! This is not least because the garden was left in a park-like state by the previous owners, so we have a standard to keep up. But also because it’s sunny all day, with glorious sweeping views, and utter peace apart from birdsong. So it’s hardly surprising that the piece which popped into my head this time is Delius’s “Walk to the Paradise Garden”. MP3 and MIDI illustrations of the piece are available to download from the members’ area as usual.

  • Visit Penny at her website – ‘Weedon Music’
  • Download a free MIDI and/or MP3 AUDIO file of Penny playing her arrangement of Frederick Delius’‘Walk to the Paradise Garden’.
  • Gill Eccles’ Guide To Reading Music – part 15

    In this edition I’m moving away from the subject of chords in order to take a look at some of the signs that are used to help composers and arrangers communicate the musical ideas they set down on paper to the musician(s) who will ultimately transform them into actual music…

    Playing Songs with Style – part 18

    Part 18 of a series in which Glyn Madden offers easy to follow, easy to play, arranger workshops based on song arrangements published in the ‘Easy Keyboard Library’ music series. This time: ‘Around the World’ (EKL – Nat King Cole)

  • Subscribers can email glyn@yamaha-club.co.uk for an mp3 file of the finished project.
  • Reviews & Features

    ‘Music For You’ – Sheet Music Review

    ‘The Easy Keyboard Library – Nat King Cole’ is the final choice of Janet Dowsett as she and husband Neil close the door on their music sales business ‘The Music People’. We say farewell to one of the longest serving Yamaha Club contributors.

  • Orders via The Music People must be placed on-line by Friday 30th June
  • Find ‘The Easy Keyboard Library – Nat King Cole’ at The Music People
  • Software

    ‘Nat King Cole’ Music Finder Software:
    Nat King Cole is the latest Music Finder set to be released in Yamaha Club’s ‘Easy Keyboard Library’ Music Finder series.

  • Find the Easy Keyboard Library Music Finder Collection in our on-line shop.
  • ‘Scottish Mega Pack’:
    We are frequently asked for new Scottish styles and so this new pack of sounds, styles and registrations from software producer Sound-ABC will doubtless be of interest to many.
    The advertising for the pack tells us that the software provides…”Scottish Music for any occasion”.

  • Visit Sound-ABC online.
  • Good on the Ear… headphones for Yamaha Clavinovas and keyboards

    “For as long as I can remember I’ve been using Yamaha’s RH-5Ma studio monitor headphones. Recently though I’ve been trying out some of the headphones that are marketed through Yamaha’s ‘Classic Division’ (the department responsible for the keyboards and Clavinovas) and, as you’d expect, the headphones have been designed for use with these instruments.”

  • Find HPH-50 Headphones in the online shop.
  • Find HPH-100 Headphones in the online shop.
  • Find HPH-150 Headphones in the online shop.
  • Find RH-5Ma Headphones in the online shop.
  • Glyn Madden’s Songs for a Summer’s Day

    A playlist for those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. I resisted the urge to include ‘Raindrops Are Falling On My Head’, ‘Singing In The Rain’ and the ‘Thunder & Lightning Polka’. Well, that’s optimism for you. Fingers crossed eh?



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