Yamaha Club Magazine – April/May 2018 edition

The April/May edition of Yamaha Club Magazine is now arriving at the homes of a whole new group of subscribers… the Genos owners. We’ve seen a big increase in the number of Genos keyboards being registered and, of course, the magazine is adapting to reflect this. There’s still plenty though for Tyros (which is still the strongest group within the membership) and we don’t envisage that changing any time soon.

Members Area / Archive

The Yamaha Club archive, housed in our ‘Members Area‘, contains a wealth of material dating back many years (as well as new items pertaining to this specific issue). To gain access to this area after 1st April 2018 use the password given on page 4 of the current magazine. The password is case sensitive so be sure to enter it exactly as shown.

In This Issue… (links to items mentioned in the magazine)


  • Getting Started with Genos: Part 3: We go in search of the organ sounds from Tyros’s ‘Organ World’.
  • Firmware upgrade details: O.S. v1.20 is now available to download – bringing some considerable changes for Genos.
  • Visit the Genos download page at uk.yamaha.com.

  • Genos – and the Tyros Legacy: With fifteen years of Tyros family heritage there’s a lot more to Genos than you might at first realise.

    Visit the Genos download page at uk.yamaha.com.

  • Penny Pieces: Download Penny Weedon’s own performance of her simplified arrangement, ‘Swan Lake – Part 3’ as published in her April workshop.
  • Guide To Reading Music: Part 20: Gill Eccles serves up another helping of music theory to help our understanding of what, and how, we play.
  • CVP – Up Close & Personal: ‘Don’t be afraid of the twiddly bits’ is the message from a snowed in Richard Bower.
  • Fun with a microphone: Glyn Madden explores Tyros’s Synth Vocoder.
  • Multipads: Creating Multipads – as an introduction to a song.
  • Glyn Madden

    1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)