Yamaha Club Magazine: June / July 2019

The June/July 2019 edition of the Yamaha Club Magazine is now on its way to subscribers. Our full colour glossy magazine is published every two months and includes workshops compatible with the Genos, Tyros/PSR and CVP Touch Screen operating systems.

Members Area / Archive

Our ‘Members Area‘, contains a wealth of material dating back many years. Subscribers should use the password given on page 4 of the magazine shown above to gain access to this area after 1st June 2019. The password is case sensitive so be sure to enter it exactly as shown.

In this issue…

Genos Operating System

  • Getting Started with Genos: Keyboard splits and twiddly bits. Part 10
  • This workshop is all about the split points on your Genos keyboard… what they are, and how they are used. A song from the 1960s provides the context for a step-by-step guide to creating a virtual ‘extra keyboard’ on which to play the ‘twiddly bits’ that fill the gaps between the notes of the main melody in many popular songs.

  • Genos Workshop: Setting EQ levels and filters.
  • A member asks… “On the Tyros5 there are two places for altering the EQ levels. The first is in the Mixing Console where the options are ‘High’ and ‘Low’. The second is in the Voice Set control where the options are ‘Frequency’ and ‘Gain’. Can you tell me where these settings are found on Genos and do you still have both options?”

  • The Registration Builder: No.3 – Home Organ 1
  • Organ sounds have been proving popular so to continue the theme we’ve put together a set of ‘Home’ organ registrations. Yamaha’s ‘Home’ organ was sampled from a Lowrey organ whose voices have a softer edge than the ubiquitous Hammond. Its sound evokes memories of some of the great players from the 1960s/70s such as Alan Haven, Jerry Allen and Harry Stoneham who were well known to radio and television audiences of the day.

    Subscribers to Yamaha Club Magazine can email for a FREE copy of the full registration bank for these sounds (see magazine for details).

    Tyros Operating System

  • Converting a Song from MIDI to Audio format:
  • We show you how to convert a MIDI song into an Audio file so that you can share your music via social media etc.

  • The Music Chef: It’s Carnival time and our Music Chef has compiled some registrations on a Latin American theme – with free registration downloads for Tyros5 and Genos for subscribers to Yamaha Club Magazine.
  • CVP Touch Screen O.S.

  • CVP – Up Close & Personal: ‘Keys To Musicality’
  • Richard Bower has some good advice about playing ‘instrumental’ sounds on your Clavinova (or keyboard).


  • Music Books for Keyboard: Music Books for Summer

  • The Complete Piano Player: Latin
    Publisher: Wise Publications / Instrumentation: Piano / Keyboard
    Price: £9.99 (Musicroom.com)

    Really Easy Keyboard: Summer Songs
    Publisher: Wise Publications / Instrumentation: Keyboard
    Price: £8.99 (Musicroom.com)

  • Penny Pieces: Theme from ‘Romeo & Juliet’… arranged for keyboard by Penny Weedon.

    Download Penny Weedon’s own performance of the Theme from ‘Romeo & Juliet’ as published in her June/July 2019 workshop.

  • Guide To Reading Music: Part 27 – Part 27: ‘The Mysteries of Fingering’.
  • Notebook: A selection of your letters
  • The Club Shop: Buy and sell on our classified ads page.
  • Glyn Madden

    1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)