Yamaha Club Magazine: December ’19 – January 2020

The December 2019/January 2020 bumper edition of our full colour glossy magazine is now on its way to subscribers with pages filled with hints, tips and workshops compatible with the Genos, Tyros/PSR/S/SX and CVP Touch Screen operating systems. Free software is included with this issue for Genos and Tyros5 keyboards.

Members Area / Archive

Our ‘Members Area‘, contains a wealth of material dating back many years. Subscribers should use the password given on page 4 of the magazine shown above to gain access to this area after 1st December 2019. The password is case sensitive so be sure to enter it exactly as shown.

In this issue…

Genos Operating System

  • Okay, so here we go again… with yet another firmware update for Genos. It does seem that each magazine carries a new ‘tweak’ to the flagship’s operating system. Genos v2.0 is a big one though and I’m already finding some of the new features it brings very useful in my own playing. There’s certainly quite a lot to talk about – and we’re doing that with a bumper edition of the Club Magazine. As always we can help download this for non-techie subscribers.
    Visit the Yamaha website to download Genos firmware v2.0 for yourself free of charge. Don’t forget to also download the Superior Pack for Genos v2.0 with lots of new voices, styles etc.
  • As you’ll have gathered, there’s a lot new for Genos in this edition. there’s also a workshop using the new Chord Looper feature. I can see us doing lots more with this in the future.
  • We didn’t have room for a Registration Builder item this time but subscribers to Yamaha Club Magazine can still email for a free set of registrations. See your members’ order form for details of ‘A Genos Christmas’.
Get all the registrations for ‘A Genos Christmas’

Tyros Operating System

  • If you’ve not attempted a multi-tracked recording on your Tyros now’s a good time to start. Our first workshop for instruments in the Tyros range (and other compatible models) is a simple exercise in putting together a chord accompaniment with three melody lines overlaid. You may find it’s not as difficult as you thought.
  • The ‘Music Chef’ workshop is based on registrations for traditional Christmas favourites. As for Genos subscribers to Yamaha Club Magazine can email for a free set of registrations. See your members’ order form for details of ‘A Tyros Christmas’.


  • There’s more music to play than usual in this issue with a great version of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen arranged by Paul Herrington (a great one to try out your chord sequencing skills if you can’t get your fingers round the notes at speed).
  • Composer/arranger Penny Weedon rounds of her Gilbert & Sullivan series with an arrangement of ‘Dance a Cachucha’ (which you’ll p[robably know when you hear it!). As always, it comes with performance notes and free registrations and MIDI tracks for subscribers. Download Penny Weedon’s own performance as published in the December/January magazine.
  • Our lovely Edna Jones has written a beautiful little carol called ‘The Meaning of Christmas’. Edna neither reads nor writes music so she recorded her composition so Penny has transcribed it so we can all enjoy playing it this Christmas. As before, subscribers to Yamaha Club Magazine can email for a free copy of Edna’s recording, a copy of the music and a set of registrations (registrations for Genos only). See your members’ order form for details of ‘The Meaning of Christmas’.

Music Tuition

  • Our resident teacher Gill Eccles goes off topic as she brings the year to a close in her ‘Guide To Reading Music’. Following questions she was asked by her workshop class at the Yamaha Club Weekend in October Gill has some advice for players who sometimes struggle to find an appropriate style for the tune they want to play.

The Yamaha Club Weekend

  • We’ve published a selection of photos from our annual get-together, which this year featured such great ‘Yamaha’ names as Peter Baartmans, John Beesley, David Harrild, Martin Harris, Ian House, Steve Hubble, Glyn Madden, Steve Marsden, Rod Pooley, James Sargeant and Daniel Watt. There are lots more artist photos to see at Daniel Watt’s website.

And finally… Facebook

  • Yamaha Club’s Lorraine has been revitalising our somewhat neglected Facebook page and will be keeping us all up to date with news from in and around the Club. Do pay us a visit at The Yamaha Club Magazine

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)