Yamaha Club Magazine: February / March 2020

It’s coming towards the end of January as this edition of our magazine makes its way to subscribers.  Outside everything’s a bit dull and dreary but we’ve plenty to be getting on with on the keyboard playing front – and our magazine is, as ever, packed with ideas for things to play and do, so I’m confident we’ll manage to fill some of those dark cold evenings yet to come.

CVP-800 series on tour The CVP-800 series Clavinovas are being showcased during February and March with a concert tour featuring keyboard virtuoso Peter Baartmans and Susan Albers – followed by a range of Instore events throughout the country.  Check out Yamaha’s events page for more details. 

Exploring the v2.0 Superior Pack Meanwhile we’re still exploring all the goodies that came with v2.00 and the Superior Pack and there’s plenty of schlager and Alpine content… so I guess you’ll be needing to brush up your hackbrett and zither melodies.  Have you downloaded the Genos v2.00 Superior Pack?

In this issue…

And there’s more…

Genos v2.01

Yes, you guessed it, there’s been another firmware upgrade to Genos. Don’t worry unduly though because it’s only a small ‘fix’ and, unless you’re experiencing a problem (or you’re a serial updater), I wouldn’t rush to upgrade this time. Here’s a link though to the v2.01 download page.

Free software for Genos & Tyros5

Subscribers can contact me for the free Yamaha Club ‘Registration Builder’, Music Chef’ and ‘Penny Pieces’ software associated with articles in the February/March magazine.

Free software from the Yamaha website

Also available for Genos is the Bonus Playlist for Genos V2.0 Superior Pack, the PSR-S970 Entertainer Styles for Genos, the SX900 Styles for Genos, and the Tyros5 Styles for Genos.

And for PSR-SX900 and PSR-SX700…

There is a Bonus Playlist for PSR-SX900, and a Bonus Playlist for PSR-SX700.  Latest firmware updates for these instruments are PSR-SX900 Firmware Updater V1.03 and PSR-SX700 Firmware Updater V1.02

Just in case you have a Tyros and are feeling left out…

You can check that you have the latest firmware update for Tyros instruments too. Tyros5 Firmware update v1.13Tyros4 Firmware update v1.10Tyros3 Firmware update v1.20,  and Tyros2 Firmware update v1.31

Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)