Yamaha Club Magazine: June/July 2022


The June/July edition of Yamaha Club Magazine is now available and is on its way to subscribers. If you would like to subscribe to the magazine you can do so on the ‘Subscribe‘ page of our website. Meanwhile, read on for more about this edition and the new videos and downloads now available.


In this issue…

New videos from Yamaha Club on YouTube

‘Yamaha Backstage’: Series 1, Episode 1

Join Yamaha UK’s Richard Bower and Paul Thirkettle as they visit one of the many popular keyboard festivals in the UK.  Meet Michael Wooldridge of Cavalcade Productions who produce this event and several others each year.  Appearances include players Steve Lowdell, David Harrild (and Tony Stace – appearing as himself!).  Richard shows some of the styles and sounds of the Clavinova CVP-809 and you can pick up some interesting facts about the Yamaha company in ‘Backstage Bites’ 

New ‘Chord Trax’ downloads for subscribers

Chord Trax for Genos – June/July 2022

Chord Trax for Tyros5 – June/July 2022

With ‘Chord Trax’ all you have to do is play the tune.  It’s amazing what the keyboard can create when you feed a string of chord changes into it.  If you can do this for yourself, great!  If not, you might like to use some that I have put together for ‘Chord Trax’.  Each Chord Trax file contains registrations and chord sequence data for four short and easy songs from the ever popular Easy Keyboard Library series. Add a style of music and let the instrument do the rest.  All the chord changes, style changes, fills, breaks, intros and endings will change automatically – leaving you free to concentrate entirely on the tune (or use your left hand to manage other controls such as pitch bend etc.).  


Find Glyn Madden on You Tube

For the past few years I’ve been adding videos to YouTube to showcase some of the software I’ve produced for the ‘Registration Builder’ and ‘Music Chef’ workshops in the magazine.   We now have a new series called ‘Chord Trax’ and hopefully this collection will continue to grow over the coming year.  If you get time to visit my YouTube Channel please subscribe to the channel (free) and give the video a ‘like’ if you’ve enjoyed it.  Thank you!  

Find Penny Weedon on You Tube

In a recent magazine we mentioned Penny Weedon’s new venture with online ‘tutorials’ about music – based on the countless workshops she’s presented around the country during her career. You’ll find her ‘Music For Good’ on YouTube by clicking the link.  

Free software for Genos & Tyros5

Subscribers can contact me for the latest free software downloads – associated with articles in the June/July 2022 magazine.


Free software for Genos from the Yamaha website

Also available for Genos is the Genos Firmware Updater V2.02, the Bonus Playlist for Genos V2.0 Superior Pack, the PSR-S970 Entertainer Styles for Genos, the SX900 Styles for Genos, and the Tyros5 Styles for Genos.  

For Clavinova CVP-800 series…

There is a Bonus Playlist for CVP-809/809GP

The latest firmware update for CVP-809/809GP: Firmware Updater V1.07


And for PSR-SX900 and PSR-SX700…

There is a Bonus Playlist for PSR-SX900, and a Bonus Playlist for PSR-SX700. Latest firmware updates for these instruments are PSR-SX900 Firmware Updater and PSR-SX700 Firmware Updater


Just in case you have a Tyros and are feeling left out…

You can check that you have the latest firmware update for Tyros instruments too.


Yamaha Expanson Manager (YEM) updates…

Download the latest firmware update for the Yamaha Expansion Manager and check the version update history.


Glyn Madden

1995-Current: Editor (Yamaha Club Magazine); 1980-2000: Yamaha Electone demonstrator (Yamaha UK)