Keyboard Theatre

’60s Pop Organ: Registration Builder June/July 2020

I’ve been in the loft again… and I found some original 1960s LPs of ‘Pop Hammond’. One of them provided the erm… ‘inspiration’ for this little collection of registration settings on Yamaha Genos. Of course they’re all style based, so it sounds as though the organ is playing with a combo/band (and the organ sound doesn’t change a great deal throughout), but they were fun to make. If you’re a subscriber to my magazine I hope you’ll enjoy the workshop on putting this sound together – and using the free to download settings in your own music. Thanks for listening. :-)

Versatile Brass: Music Chef June/July 2020

Hi again… In the June/July 2020 edition of Yamaha Club Magazine we included a step-by-step guide to building the eponymous sound itself – which is a mix of mutes and open brass with the Harmony feature blocking in the right hand chords. This forms the basis for a set of 8 registrations based on a similar Brass Combo or Big Band Orchestra theme. It doesn’t matter whether you fancy something relaxed, or a full-on blazer, the Tyros5 ‘Versatile Brass’ registration should fit in quite nicely. The demo here was played live on a Tyros5 and the eight registrations are free for subscribers to Yamaha Club Magazine to download as usual.


Miller Moods: Registration Builder April/May 2020

Hello, this ‘Miller Moods’ collection makes good use of the Genos Ensemble voice section to create a really ‘creamy’ sax and clarinet mix. To re-create it you’ll need a Genos updated to v2.0 and the Moonlight Ballad style from the ‘Tyros Styles for Genos’ collection (free to download from the Yamaha website). You’ll also need the beautiful ‘Mellow Trombone’ from the Genos v2 Superior Pack (also free to download). Step-by-step instructions for building the Miller Moods Ensemble voice are given in the April/May 2020 edition of the Yamaha Club Magazine. Thanks for listening :-)

European Organ: Music Chef April/May 2020

Hi, this collection of tunes was played using the registration software that is available to subscribers to Yamaha Club Magazine during April/May 2020. The software features some of the ‘Euro Organ’ sounds of the Yamaha Tyros5 – used with no additions or layered recording. If you own a Tyros5 and like the sounds, why not subscribe to Yamaha Club Magazine at to download these registrations for your own keyboard.

Acoustic Piano Moods: Registration Builder February/March 2020

This one is just about piano… one or two of the the standard Genos piano favourites, tweaked a little and with a selection of different styles to show classical piano, romantic piano, pop piano, honky-tonk piano etc. There are so many thousands of ways you could showcase a piano… and this collection is just a drop in the ocean but I hope you’ll like the ones I’ve chosen. Please give the clip a ‘like’ if you enjoy the music. Otherwise, just move on – and thanks for listening.

Members’ Download Collection 2019

You’re hearing Yamaha Genos played using free software that has been given to subscribers to Yamaha Club Magazine ( throughout 2019. Currently free software is being produced for Yamaha Tyros5 and Genos arranger keyboards.