Clavinova 2020

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Yamaha UK ex-demonstrator Richard Bower begins a new series of articles for the Clavinova digital piano player.

‘Clavinova’ Part 1: A Brief History of Timing
The long-awaited Yamaha Clavinova CVP-800 series of instruments is now available. New owners are already making positive comments about the massive upgrade in sound quality, improved features, and the feel of the GrandTouch keyboard action. Whilst it’s fair to say that many Yamaha enthusiasts will know all about CVP Clavinova, there’s a whole world out there who have no idea this amazing instrument even exists. So, let’s put that right…
(Published in February/March 2020

‘Clavinova’ Part 2: Yamaha CSP Clavinova – The Third Way?
Hello all. I hope that you’re all well, and happy to be emerging from a wet and windy winter. Music making can brighten up the most dreich of days, but choosing the ideal instrument for everyone can be difficult. Today we’ll look at a new concept in Clavinova instruments, and how they can make music-making a universal enjoyment.
(Published in April/May 2020