Exclusively CVP with Richard Bower

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Richard Bower’s new series is exclusively devoted to the touch screen CVP Clavinova digital piano series.

‘Exclusively CVP’ 01: Pedal Power
In his latest article for Yamaha Club Magazine, Richard shows us how we can realise the potential of the CVP’s pedal power.
(Published in April 2021)

‘Exclusively CVP’ 02: CV-809 New Styles
Wearing his hat as OTS programmer Richard gives an insight into the new styles housed within the CVP-809.
(Published in June 2021)

‘Exclusively CVP’ 03: The Triumvirate of Transcendence:
Richard shares with us three special things about the CVP Clavinova that he assures us will make our time with the instrument even more enjoyable.
(Published in August 2021)

‘Exclusively CVP’ 04: Playlist
If you’re wondering what tune to play… why not use the ‘Playlist’ asks Richard Bower. Today he introduces us to the feature as it appears on the CVP-809/805 Clavinova digital pianos. Playlist was introduced on Genos and is now also in the specifications of PSRSX900 and SX700 keyboards, along with the Clavinova CVP-805 and CVP-809.
(Published in October 2021)

‘Exclusively CVP’ 05: Playlist
Richard has some advice for Clavinova CVP-805 and CVP-809 owners who haven’t yet downloaded the free Bonus Playlist… and a few handy tips for installing it properly.
(Published in December 2021)