Genos Workshop Series

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A workshop series for owners of the Genos Arranger Keyboard (also compatible to some extent with PSR-SX900 and SX700 keyboards).

Genos Workshop 01: Step Recording
When the option to record just the chords of a piece of music – entering them into the recording one by one, step-by-step – was omitted from Genos I’m sure I wasn’t alone in being disappointed. Firmware updates have reinstated this valuable feature and it’s high time we took a closer look.
(Published in October/November 2019

Genos Workshop 02: Chord Looper
Following its introduction as part of the PSR-SX900 the very useful Chord Looper feature has now been added to the specification of the Genos. Let’s take a look…
(Published in December 2019 / January 2020

Genos Workshop 03: Setting EQ Levels & Filters
“Hi Glyn, on the Tyros5 there are two places for altering the EQ levels. The first is in the Mixing Console where the options are ‘High’ and ‘Low’. The second is in the Voice Set control where the options are ‘Frequency’ and ‘Gain’. Can you tell me where these settings are found on Genos and do you still have both options?” – Yamaha Club member (Essex)
(Published in February/March 2020

Genos Workshop 04: The Envelope Generator
The Pad and Synth voice categories are often overlooked although they provide some of the most versatile sounds for both melody and left hand parts. They are also very editable… so I’ve chosen one from the Synth department to illustrate a very simple voice edit.
(Published in April/May 2020