Getting Started with Genos

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The ‘Getting Started with Genos’ series began in October 2017 when the Genos was first unveiled in the UK.

Getting Started with Genos 01
Loading the Bonus Playlist into Genos ; Loading a Tyros Music Finder file and converting it to Playlist in Genos.
(Published in December 2017)

Getting Started with Genos 02
Working with the Bonus Playlist in Genos.
(Published in February 2018)

Getting Started with Genos 03
Finding and working with Tyros’s ‘Organ World’ voices in Genos. Firmware Update 1.20 is announced. Genos and the Tyros Legacy.
(Published in April 2018)

Getting Started with Genos 04
How to store Registrations and Registration Banks in Genos. Firmware Update 1.30 is announced.
(Published in June 2018)

Getting Started with Genos 05
Questions and answers about Genos Playlist software.
(Published in August 2018)

Getting Started with Genos 06
Back in our June/July 2018 edition we discovered how to save Registrations. Today we’ll look at some more easy, and useful, ways in which to use the Registration Memory.
(Published in October 2018)

Getting Started with Genos 07
If you’ve ever ‘lost’ a style that you really like, here’s one way to track it down – and mark it as a ‘favourite’ so that it is always there when you want it.
(Published in December 2018)

Getting Started with Genos 08
How to change the amount of sustain you get when you press the [SUSTAIN] button.
(Published in February 2019)

Getting Started with Genos 09
‘General Purpose’ registrations and how to create them for Tyros, CVP(200-500 series) and PSR instruments.
(Published in April 2019)

Getting Started with Genos 10
Today’s workshop is all about the split points on your Genos keyboard… what they are, and how they are used. A song from the 1960s provides the context for a step-by-step guide to creating a virtual ‘extra keyboard’ on which to play the ‘twiddly bits’ that fill the gaps between the notes of the main melody in many popular songs.
(Published in June 2019)

Getting Started with Genos 11
Making simple adjustments to a Style. On discovering the Yamaha Club in July, a new member wrote to say, “as a fan of country music, ballads and serene classics I am particularly interested in registrations that I can modify as I find that there seems to be an emphasis on drumming and I prefer smooth sedate music”. Maybe we can help…
(Published in August 2019)

Getting Started with Genos 12
Genos Firmware Update V1.41: Since I last wrote there has been another small firmware update for Genos and new material has appeared online in the form of guides to help you ‘get started’ with, what is still for many, a very new instrument. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer and show you where you can find it.
(Published in October 2019)

Getting Started with Genos 13
Genos Firmware Update V2.00: Even if you normally give firmware updates a miss, the free Genos v2.0 update released on November 15th is one you really should take advantage of. Here’s a 5-page introduction to the goodies on offer.
(Published in December 2019)

Getting Started with Genos 14
In part 13 I introduced the v2 firmware update for Genos which had just been released. Today let’s take a look at more of the new features it offers.
(Published in February 2020)

Getting Started with Genos 15
Don’t you just hate it when you come across a sudden time signature change in a piece of music you’re playing that sends the accompaniment out of sync. with the beat? Help is now at hand because Genos v2.0 has the answer…
(Published in April 2020)