Gill Eccles’ Historical Notes

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Gill Eccles is a music teacher with over thirty years experience – both in schools and private practice. Between studies at the Birmingham Conservatoire and the University of Central England she trained as an Yamaha Music School (YMS) teacher – before working as a music teacher in high school, then as head of music in a specialist school for dyslexic pupils. Today Gill teaches in primary and secondary schools throughout South Staffordshire, whilst still running a very active music practice that caters to pupils from beginner to the final year of degree level. And, as if that weren’t enough, she also manages to fit in ‘sidelines’ as a cub and scout leader – as well as holding the position of local parish organist at St John’s the Baptist in Hammerwich.

Gill Eccles’ Historical Notes: 01
In a new series for 2022, Gill Eccles takes us on an expedition into our musical past and, along the way, introduces us to some of the musicians
who have influenced the way music has evolved through the years.
(Published in February 2022)

Gill Eccles’ Historical Notes: 02
Henry Purcell (Junior) was born in 1659 and died at the age of just 36 years old in 1695. His interest in music started at a young age and his uncle, Thomas Purcell, who was a musician and gentleman of the Chapel Royal, arranged for Henry to be admitted as a chorister. By the age of nine he had already begun composing – his earliest works include an ode composed for King Charles II birthday in 1670.
(Published in April 2022)

Gill Eccles’ Historical Notes: 03
Since the start of the year our resident music teacher, Gill Eccles, has been taking us on a guided tour of musical history. Today we step into the Classical era to meet one of its main players… Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(Published in June 2022)

Gill Eccles’ Historical Notes: 04
Our resident teacher, Gill Eccles, has some suggestions for easy to play classical music – with arrangements for both piano and keyboard.
(Published in August 2022)

Gill Eccles’ Historical Notes: 05
Our resident teacher, Gill Eccles, leads us into the Romantic era and shares a composition by one of its stars – Felix Mendelssohn.
(Published in October 2022)

Gill Eccles’ Notes from the Club Weekend: 06
Gill Eccles takes a short break from her Historical Notes series to share her experience of presenting a music workshop at the 2022 Yamaha Club Weekend.
(Published in December 2022)

Gill Eccles’ Historical Notes: 07
Gill takes us back in time again, and introduces us to more of the shining lights of the Romantic era.
(Published in February 2023)

Gill Eccles’ Historical Notes: 08
In today’s chapter Gill Eccles focuses on two stars of the Impressionist era and explains it’s connection to the art world.
(Published in April 2023)