It’s All In The Music – with Gill Eccles

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Gill Eccles is a music teacher with over thirty years experience – both in schools and private practice. Between studies at the Birmingham Conservatoire and the University of Central England she trained as an Yamaha Music School (YMS) teacher – before working as a music teacher in high school, then as head of music in a specialist school for dyslexic pupils. Today Gill teaches in primary and secondary schools throughout South Staffordshire, whilst still running a very active music practice that caters to pupils from beginner to the final year of degree level. And, as if that weren’t enough, she also manages to fit in ‘sidelines’ as a cub and scout leader – as well as holding the position of local parish organist at St John’s the Baptist in Hammerwich.

It’s All In The Music – with Gill Eccles: Part 1
Fill-ins – the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’: Having contributed mainly music theory based articles to Yamaha Club for the past five years music teacher Gill Eccles embarks on a new series in which she embraces a wider view of music and the Yamaha keyboard/Clavinova.
(Published in February 2020)

It’s All In The Music – with Gill Eccles: Part 2
Today I’m going to take a piece of music and use it to illustrate aspects of the music theory we’ve looked at over the past five years or so. In this way I’m hoping to give you an understanding of how the music is translated from the notes in the written score into an audible musical performance.
(Published in April 2020)

It’s All In The Music – with Gill Eccles: Part 3
As we’re still in lockdown I’m basing today’s workshop on an uplifting piece of music – and the piece I have chosen is a short arrangement of ‘The Rejoicing’ from ‘Music for the Royal Fireworks’ by George Frederick Handel..
(Published in June 2020)

It’s All In The Music – with Gill Eccles: Part 4
Today I’m basing my article on a traditional English ballad that dates back to the middle English period… and a Celtic new-age composition, written by singer/songwriter Enya in the early 1990s.
(Published in August 2020)

It’s All In The Music – with Gill Eccles: Part 5
Whilst taking a short break from the latest Covid regulations to affect her work, Gill takes a trip down Memory Lane as she remembers her mother’s love of music and reflects on how certain tunes have the power to call up vivid memories from our past lives..
(Published in October 2020)