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A workshop series for owners of the PSR-SX900 (also compatible to some extent with SX700 keyboards).

PSR-SX900 Workshop 01
Jo Cocklin introduces herself and offers some ideas for a ’70s Christmas Classic.
(Published in December 2020)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 02
Today our Chelmsford based ‘SX’ Girl makes use of the keyboard’s Harmony and Voice Edit features in a workshop based on a popular country song called ‘I’m Gonna Be A Country Girl Again’.
(Published in February 2020)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 03
In today’s SX workshop Jo Cocklin uses the PSR-SX900’s Arpeggio feature to spice up an old favourite from the film ‘Grease’.
(Published in April 2020)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 04
Jo shows us how to use Style Creator to ‘borrow’ parts from one style to use with another.
(Published in June 2020)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 05
Jo Cocklin shows us how to put expression into the accompaniment styles using a feature called Dynamics Control.
(Published in August 2020)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 06
The assignable buttons on SX900/700 and Genos are a great way by which to simplify the button pressing on your instrument. Jo shows us how…
(Published in October 2020)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 07
Jo has song suggestions for some of the styles on the PSR-SX keyboard – and there’s the offer of a song list to download.
(Published in February 2022)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 08
In her workshop today, Jo shares some ideas for adding effects to the Shadowed Guitar voice for a real Hank Marvin sound.
(Published in April 2022)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 09
As promised when she left us last time, Jo’s article today is about making a MIDI recording using the PSR-SX900 (or Genos).
(Published in June 2022)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 10
When Jo left us last time, we’d just completed the first part of a MIDI recording using the PSR-SX900 (or Genos). It’s time to complete the project…
(Published in August 2022)

PSR-SX900 Workshop 11
Glyn Madden is standing in for Jo who’s not feeling very well at the moment. We wish her a speedy return to good health and to these pages.
(Published in October 2022)