Music Chef for Genos

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A workshop series for owners of the Genos Arranger Keyboard.

Music Chef 01: Using Voice Edit to ‘tweak’ the Pan Flute
Genos has hundreds of fabulous sounds, ready to use direct from the buttons on the panel – but also has an easy to use voice editor to help you make those ‘little tweaks’ that personalise your sound…
(Published in June 2018)

Music Chef 02: Haunting Synth Piano with Echo
Today the Music Chef turns his attention to the Tyros keyboard and concocts a recipe for a haunting piano by mixing voices from the Piano and
Pad categories combined with effects from the Mixing Console.
(Published in August 2018)

Music Chef 03: Christmas Trees
My recipe today uses the shimmering sound of silver bells to represent the sparkle of candles and tinsel on an old fashioned Christmas tree..
(Published in December 2018)

Music Chef 04: Buddy Holly
Today’s musical recipe is based on the music of Buddy Holly. The registrations are easy to create as they use only the sounds that are
available from Genos as it is supplied new..
(Published in February 2019)

Changes: In April 2019 the Music Chef series continued – but was now based on the Tyros keyboards – with downloadable registrations for the Tyros5. Meanwhile a new series called Registration Builder began for Genos owners which, like Music Chef, offered a downloadable set of the finished registrations.