Quick Tips for Genos

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A selection of quick tips that appeared periodically in the magazine.

Quick Tips for Genos 01
Genos/SX: How to assign a percussion voice or sound effect to a footswitch.
(Published in August 2021)

Quick Tips for Genos 02
How to adjust the volume (and other controls) of the individual parts within a Style.
(Published in February 2022)

Quick Tips for Genos 03
An excursion into the area of ‘Free Play’, ‘Session’, ‘Pro’ and ‘DJ’ styles…
(Published in June 2022)

Quick Tips for Genos 04
The Voice Part Setup page is a valuable tool that can save us a great deal of time searching for the correct part of the keyboard to use when calling up, or making changes to, the voices we use.
(Published in August 2022)

Quick Tips for Genos 05
Are you using the right part of the Home page? When Charles, a Yamaha Club member, contacted me because he kept ‘losing’ the song file he’d recorded, the remedy was simple. He was looking for it in the wrong place…
(Published in October 2022)

Quick Tips for Genos 06
When two or more right hand voices are being used at once, is it possible to add sustain to just one of the voices – without affecting the others? The answer, as you’ll expect, is “yes…”
(Published in April 2023)