Quick Tips for Tyros

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A selection of quick tips for the Tyros keyboard that appeared periodically in the magazine between 2021 and 2023.

Quick Tips for Tyros 01
Often, when playing a song listed in the Tyros’s Music Finder, I find myself moving on to another song that works just as well as the one I started with. It’s an easy job to add the new song to the Music Finder list and, in time, build up the list to include all your favourite pieces.
(Published in October 2021)

Quick Tips for Tyros 02
It’s always a good idea to label user data, such as registration settings etc., so that when you come back to it later you’ll have a reminder of what you made it for in the first place. We often seem to miss this useful feature though…
(Published in February 2022)

Quick Tips for Tyros 03
A reminder of where favourite sounds from earlier keyboards are stored in the Tyros5 – and we take a look at a button that is responsible for some confusion among our readers.
(Published in April 2022)

Quick Tips for Tyros 04
The MIXING CONSOLE is a great place to visit if you want to customise your sound… and it works very well with Styles..
(Published in June 2022)

Quick Tips for Tyros 05
Sometimes it’s useful to be able to control the accompaniment and melody volumes independently – so here’s a tried and trusted method of doing just that…
(Published in April 2023)