Tyros Basics

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A workshop series for owners of the Tyros Arranger Keyboard.
A collection of some ‘essentials’ – and some of the ‘lighter’ topics that make using a Tyros keyboard such fun to use.

Tyros Basics 01: Using Icons, Cancelling Auto switch-off
It’s good to occasionally be reminded that not everyone has been playing a Tyros for years. Here are the answers to some of the questions that help me to keep my feet on the ground…
(Published in August 2019)

Tyros Basics 02: How to back up your Music Finder
It’s that dreadful moment when you realise that work you’d spent hours, days, weeks or months building up has disappeared… and that you have no back up copy. I’ve experienced it more than once so my sympathies are with the writer of the message that inspired this article.
(Published in October 2019)

Tyros Basics 03: Personalising your Tyros
Today, just for a bit of light relief, I’m going to show you a couple of fun things that you can do with your Tyros keyboard. They won’t help you play or sound better but you may like to do them… simply because you can!
(Published in February 2020)

Tyros Basics 04: Pedals and Foot Switches
Today, we’re looking at foot pedals and foot switches – what they are, where to plug them in and how to assign them to the various functions we can use them for.
(Published in April 2020)