Tyros Digital Workstation Series

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A new series of Tyros O.S. workshops for 2019/2020

‘Tyros Digital Workstation’ Part 1: Balancing the Sound – Part 1
Getting the right balance between the right and left hands can cause some headaches – but these are the first steps to achieving your goal.
(Published in February/March 2019

‘Tyros Digital Workstation’ Part 2: Balancing the Sound – Part 2
The Mixing Console works in the same way on all the instruments listed at the top of the page and it is the ideal tool for getting the perfect balance between the parts of your instrument.
(Published in February/March 2019

‘Tyros Digital Workstation’ Part 3: Making a Simple MIDI Song Recording
In today’s workshop we make, save and edit a simple recording. So, choose your favourite piece of music and practise, practise, practise!
(Published in April/May 2019

‘Tyros Digital Workstation’ Part 4: Converting a MIDI Song Recording to Audio.
Did you follow my workshop in April? If you did you will now know how to make, and edit, a basic MIDI song recording. Today we’re going to convert it to audio…
(Published in June/July 2019

‘Tyros Digital Workstation’ Part 5: Changing the Voices in the OTS (One Touch Settings).
Do you ever choose an accompaniment style and wish the One Touch Settings (OTS) were different? Today our workshop shows how to change, and store, the One Touch Settings.
(Published in August/September 2019

‘Tyros Digital Workstation’ Part 6: Matching the keyboard’s pitch to play-along MIDI Song files.
Do you play along to MIDI file songs? If you do you may occasionally come across one that is in a difficult key. This can be quite off-putting, but don’t let the key signature stop you… a solution is at hand.
(Published in October/November 2019

‘Tyros Digital Workstation’ Part 7: Making a Simple Multi-track Recording.
Frère Jacques is a little ‘round’ that we used to sing in our junior school choir. I wouldn’t be surprised if you did too. Today it forms the base for a simple multi-track recording workshop.
(Published in December 2019 / January 2020

‘Tyros Digital Workstation’ Part 8: Appending new song records to Music Finder and saving a Music Finder file
“I own a Clavinova CVP-409 and I was wondering whether, if I did an update/upgrade to the Music Finder, it would completely erase the songs I downloaded from the website when it was still available? These songs were not in the original list when the CVP-409 was new.” – Club Member (U.S.A.)
(Published in April/May 2020