Registrations: 'Regi-Stick RS4' (Tyros4)

Registrations: 'Regi-Stick RS4' (Tyros4)

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Tyros 4


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Regi-Stick RS4, created exclusively for the Tyros4 workstation keyboard by Yamaha artist Richard Bower, is now available.

About Regi-Stick RS4 ... 
In October 2011 the ‘Regi-Stick RS4’ - created exclusively for Tyros4 as it makes full use of the enhanced voices and styles found only on Tyros4 - was added to the popular Regi-Stick catalogue.

Until now, many Tyros4 owners have been ‘making do’ with the Tyros3 version which, although it works in Tyros4, only uses the styles and sounds from Tyros3. The RS4 adheres to the formula of previous sticks, but takes the quality of the registrations to a higher level by employing as many of the new sounds and styles as possible.

Registrations: The original 400 registrations from Regi-Stick 3 have all been upgraded - and the selection is now extended with the addition of 80 new settings to bring the grand total available to Tyros4 to 480 registrations.

Melody Maker:The ‘Melody Maker’ section has also been completely refreshed. The screen icons associated with familiar registration names have been retained but the registrations themselves are fresher, cleaner, and more musical, due to the new voicing, styles and processing. The 80 all-new registrations feature many of the new styles available only on Tyros4 and are grouped in banks as follows:

  • Ballad 4:                    
    A collection of modern popular ballads.
  • Big Band Bash:         
    A fabulous mix of up-tempo swing settings.
  • Choral Society:         
    Eight registrations featuring the awesome Tyros4 classical choirs.
  • Easy Listening 2:      
    Laid-back sounds to relax you, and your listeners!
  • Easy Strings 1:          
    A collection of eight easy-to-play string ensemble registrations.
  • Easy Strings 2:
    More friendly strings for easy listening and easy playing.
  • Free Play:
    Big sounds, no rhythm! Eight registrations using all the Tyros4 free play styles.
  • Golden Hits:  
    A return to the golden sounds of the 60's.
  • Scat's The Way:        
    Jazzy and Latin vocal settings, using some of the amazing Tyros4 scats.
  • Vocal Styles:             
    Your chance to play with a great backing vocals band.


Tyros4  ‘organ’ setups with MIDI bass pedals:For Tyros4 players who use a pedalboard, RS4 provides a whole new set of additional voices. The original ‘Pedal 20’ collection has been re-made, and expanded with an additional ten voices comprising five for the bass pedals and a further five split keyboard voices for the lower manual of a two-tier set-up.

The original ‘Left Combi’ sounds have been replaced by newly voiced settings, enabling Tyros4 to provide better quality combinations of strings, horns, choirs and organ sounds. These combi voices overcome the limitation of the single Left Voice on Tyros4 by layering voices in the same way as on an expensive organ. The outcome is a warmer, richer, and fuller sound for your left hand chords.

Tyros4 ‘organ’ setups with MIDI lower keyboard:Tyros4 set-ups that incorporate a lower keyboard will benefit from the all-new ‘Lower Split’ voices that let you utilise the full length of the extra keyboard. The five split voices are based on the five combi voices, but each features an additional sound above the area where you would normally play a chord. This gives the player the opportunity to change voices simply by taking the right hand off the Tyros4 and dropping it down onto the lower keyboard for an instant sound change, just like having a third keyboard!

Note: Regi-Stick software is now supplied on Yamaha Club branded USB 'key' style stick.

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