Registrations: 'Regi-Stick RS3 (Tyros-3)

Registrations: 'Regi-Stick RS3 (Tyros-3)

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Tyros 3


Product Information

A new Regi-Stick, ‘Regi-Stick RS3’ has been created exclusively for the Tyros3 by Yamaha demonstrator Richard Bower. 

No more conversion...
Until now, Tyros3 owners have had to be content with a ‘converted’ version of the Tyros2 Regi-Stick Plus which, although it was made to work with Tyros3, used only styles, sounds and effects from the earlier model. From now on Regi-Stick RS3 effectively replaces the Regi-Stick Plus for Tyros3 owners. Regi-Stick Plus is, however, still the best product for owners of Tyros2.

About Regi-Stick RS3... 
The menu itself is much the same as that used in the Tyros2 Regi-Stick Plus, but the registrations contained on Regi-Stick RS3 have been completely re-structured to make full use the enhanced voices, styles, and effects that are only to be found on Tyros3.


What's been kept...

The format of Melody Maker remains the same - and this section provides a range of voices that can be used with any accompaniment style.

  • Registration Menu:
    The settings on Regi-Stick RS3 are based, as before, on the popular registration themes used in the highly successful Regi-Stick Plus (and, long before that, in the Registration Menu of the AR Series Electone). The original 320 registrations, however, have all been renewed, and expanded - using as many of the new features, sounds and styles as possible.
  • Melody Maker:


What's new for Regi-Stick RS3...? 

Registration Menu: Whilst the registration themes of the original Regi-Stick Plus have been retained, the RS3 settings sound fresher, cleaner, and more musical due to the new voicing and higher quality effects. Eighty all-new registrations utilise lots of the new styles that are only available on Tyros3 - including the acclaimed ‘Ethereal Movie’ - and the settings make full use of the ‘Free Play’ versatility of the style that enables the player to create a big orchestral effect without the accompaniment of a rhythmic beat.
New Registration Banks include...

    • Ballad 3(A collection of modern popular ballads)
    • Ballroom Sequence (New ballroom settings in strict tempo)
    • Big Band Modern (Great settings using new Tyros3 styles and voices)
    • Concert Hall (A collection of amazing registrations for classical music)
    • Country Pop (A collection of registrations made especially for modern country music)
    • Easy Listening (Laid-back settings using new sounds and styles from Tyros3)
    • Latin Festival (Latin settings that are oh, so musical)
    • Piano Bar (Sounds like the music in the bar at a Yamaha Club Weekend!)
    • Sounds Irish (A Celtic journey through the ballads and dances of the Emerald Isle)
    • Sounds Scottish (A fresh look at registrations from North of the Border)
    • Melody Maker:
      The voices in the Melody Maker section have been completely refreshed and every setting uses new Tyros3 voicing along with new, high-quality, effects such as reverb, delay, rotor speaker and many others that are exclusive to the Tyros3.
    • Tyros with pedals
      For Tyros3 players who use MIDI bass pedals, a whole new range of additional voices has been added to Regi-Stick3. The original ‘Pedal 10’ set has been re-worked to give a fuller, more rounded, bass sound and five new bass voices have been added to the collection.
    • Custom Left-hand voices
      Five ‘Combination’ voices are also included for use in the Left voice section. These new sounds are multi-layered - thus overcoming the limitation of Tyros3’s single left-hand voice - and they provide ready mixed combinations of strings, horns, choirs and organ sounds to give the warm, full sound experienced when playing an expensive organ.

Note: Regi-Stick software is now supplied on Yamaha Club branded USB 'key' style stick.  

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