Simple Software Collection - Versatile Brass

Simple Software Collection - Versatile Brass

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Simple Software Collection – Versatile Brass
Compatible with Yamaha Tyros5: 
First issued free with the June/July 2020 Yamaha Club Magazine.

Please note: 'Simple Software Collection' registrations are compiled using the sounds and styles available from a new Yamaha Tyros5 keyboard.  The registrations contain no new voice samples or accompaniment styles - although some of the originals may have been 'tweaked'.

A bank of registrations is offered to subscribers free with each edition of Yamaha Club Magazine.  When a new magazine is published the registrations from the previous one are added to the Club Shop for non-members to purchase.

The original ‘Versatile Brass’ article from the magazine is also included as a pdf file - showing how the basic ‘Versatile Brass’ registrations were created using a Yamaha Tyros5. 


Files included in this download

For your computer:

  • Info_Versatile Brass.pdf:  Information file explaining the content of the download and how to load Registration file.
  • Article_MusicChef_Tyros_008.pdf:  (the original workshop pages from the June/July 2020 magazine)

For your Tyros5 keyboard:

  • Versatile Brass.S198.RGT:   8 registrations for ‘Versatile Brass’ settings (compatible with Yamaha Tyros5).  See ‘Info_Versatile Brass.pdf' file for guidance.

Versatile Brass.S198.RGT:  One bank of eight ‘Versatile Brass’ registrations.
View my You Tube channel for a demonstration at

  • Registration 1:    Percussive: R1 Concert Grand, R2 Rotary Switch Organ, R3 Vibraphone.
  • Registration 2:    Solo Saxes: R1 Tenor Sax, R2 Breathy Sax, R3 Big Band Sax.
  • Registration 3:    Solo Trumpets: R1 Mute Trumpet, R2 Jazz Trumpet, R3 Big Band Trumpet.
  • Registration 4:    Guitars: R1 Jazz Vintage, R2 Jazz Clean, R3 Semi Acoustic
  • Registration 5:    Versatile Brass: Brass Ensemble mix (as per Registration Builder Workshop - June/July 2020).
  • Registration 6:    Trombones (Soft): Trombone led soft brass ensemble mix. 
  • Registration 7:    Sax Section: Standard Saxophone Ensemble mix.
  • Registration 8:    Versatile Brass 2: Big Band Mix.


Use the [FREEZE] button to mix and match registrations

Choose the registration that has the rhythm/style of your choice - then switch on [FREEZE] to use the same rhythm/style with all eight registrations. 


Listen & View the demo of these registrations on my You Tube channel.

  • The You Tube video will let you hear how I play these registrations in a live performance on Yamaha Tyros5 – and will illustrate when and where changes in the sound occur.  Please give the video the ‘thumbs up’ if you find it helpful.  Many thanks… Glyn Madden


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