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Simple Software Collection - Vintage Organ Combo


Product Information

Simple Software Collection - Vintage Organ Combo
Compatible with Yamaha Genos: First issued free with the October/November 2019 magazine.

Please note: These 'Simple Software Collection' registrations were compiled using the content available from within a new Yamaha Genos keyboard. 
The registrations contain no new voices or accompaniment styles - although some of the originals may have been 'tweaked'.

A bank of registrations is offered to subscribers free with each edition of Yamaha Club Magazine.  
When a new magazine is published the registrations from the previous one are added to the Club Shop for non-members to purchase.

The original 'Registration Builder' article from the magazine is also included as a pdf file - showing how the basic Vintage Organ Combo registrations were created using a Yamaha Genos.


Listen to a demo of these registrations played live on Yamaha Genos.


Files included in this download

For your computer:

  • Info_Vintage Organ Combo.pdf Information file explaining content of the download.
  • Instructions For Loading.pdf
  • Article_RegistrationBuilder005.pdf(the original workshop pages from the October/November 2019 magazine)

For your Genos keyboard:

  • V. Organ Combo (Genos).S054.rgt:   10 registrations for 'Vintage Organ Combo' (compatible with Yamaha Genos).  See 'Instructions for Loading' pdf file for guidance.
  • Demo_VintageOrganCombo.mp3:  Audio demonstration showcasing the registrations - recorded on Yamaha Genos.  See 'Instructions for Loading' pdf file for guidance.


V. Organ Combo (Genos).S054.rgt:  One bank of ten registrations based on the sound of Vintage Organ Combo.

  • Registration 1:    'Organ Swing' -  Drawbar organ registration with Organ Swing style.
  • Registration 2:    'Organ Quickstep' -  Drawbar organ registration with Organ Quickstep style.
  • Registration 3:    'Organ Rumba' -  Drawbar organ registration with Organ Rumba style.
  • Registration 4:    'Organ Samba' -  Drawbar organ registration with Organ Samba style.
  • Registration 5:    'Organ Cha-Cha' -  Drawbar organ registration with Organ Cha Cha style.
  • Registration 6:    'Organ Swing' -  Drawbar organ registration with Organ Swing style.
  • Registration 7:    'Organ Swing' -  Drawbar organ registration with Organ Swing style.
  • Registration 8:    'Organ Mix 1' registration (Organ + Harmony with Accordion lead & Organ Swing style).
  • Registration 9:    'Organ Mix 2' registration (Organ + Harmony with Smooth Tenor Sax lead & Organ Swing style).
  • Registration 10:    'Organ Quickstep Mix3' registration (Organ + Harmony with Jazz Guitar lead & Organ Quickstep style).

Also included: 
Demo_VintageOrganCombo.mp3:  An audio demonstration showcasing the registrations as played live on Genos.   I've mixed and matched the registrations and styles (using the Freeze feature) but the demonstrations were played with no added tracks or effects.  Play via your computer or mp3 file player... or load into your keyboard as an audio SONG file.


I hope you'll enjoy the settings.

Kind regards - Glyn


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