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Yesteryear-4-PSR: Registration software for Yamaha PSR-S770 and S970


Product Information

Yesteryear-4-PSR Software is available for Yamaha PSR-S770 and PSR-S970 keyboards
'Plug & Play' - No Extra Memory Required  (Also available for Tyros4 & Tyros5)
As a new addition to his growing catalogue of Yamaha keyboard registrations Jason Lee has created 'Yesteryear' - another set of plug & play registrations for Yamaha Tyros and 'S' series keyboards. 
Yamaha Club Magazine's review of Yesteryear-4-Tyros (written by Glyn Madden)
"I’ve enjoyed Jason’s previous software, particularly his ‘Klaus’ registrations which were modelled on his own Wersi Helios.  It’s simple to use and doesn’t require extra bits and pieces - or additional programming by the user.  The latest software in the series is called Yesteryear-4-Tyros (although there are also versions for the PSR-S970/770 models too).
The package contains a USB stick and an instruction sheet and, after plugging the USB into the port on the front of my Tyros5, I called up the content of the USB on the screen. Several folders and a couple of REGISTRATION BANK files named ‘Yesteryear P1’ and ‘Yesteryear P2’ are displayed.  The folders each contain data that Jason has edited to create his registrations.  
Jason has largely based his ‘Yesteryear’ collection on the sounds of the Eminent Grand Theatre electronic theatre organ which was popular in the 1970s and, to that end, he has edited the voices of the Tyros to suit.  He has also created arpeggios and edited edited drum kits to reproduce the sound of the vintage rhythm boxes.  The content of each folder is apparent from its name - and, although there is no need for us to access any of the folders, it’s worth mentioning (to avoid any confusion with the files we do need) that they do appear on the screen."
The Registrations
"On loading the registration file ‘Yesteryear P1’ the eight buttons of the REGISTRATION MEMORY are filled with retro sounds which, as Jason is at pains to point out in his instruction sheet, are not  the highly sampled instrumental sounds we have come to expect of instruments such as Tyros.  Having said that, the registrations have been crafted with great care and skill and are terrific fun to play with.  And, as with all Jason’s software, there are far more registrations here than first appears to be the case.
Registration 1 calls up a Quickstep style and it’s worth listening to the four variations to hear references to the ‘70s  drum (knocker-box) sounds.  The right hand is furnished with a typical organ drawbar setting but, if you call up the One Touch Settings, you’ll discover that these too contain retro organ voices.  OTS1 gives a mix of organ drawbars (with sustain) blended with a retro ‘piano’ sound.  The piano doesn’t die away if you hold the keys - so you have to release them quite sharply to get the effect.  This is exactly what we used to have to do in the ‘70s when trying to recreate the sound of a piano using a brass sound (such as trombone) with sustain.  OTS2 has the warm sound of a ‘70s music box.  It’s nowhere near as real as today’s sampled sound but very pleasant none-the-less.  In OTS3 you’ll find a synthesized harpsichord mixed with a warm synthetic string sound.  Again, the harpsichord is of the steam powered variety that doesn’t fade naturally - so let it go quickly - but the strings have a built in sustain that, combined with the harpsichord, produce a sweet, gently ‘jangling’ registration.  Finally, OTS4 is a typical ‘70s electronic theatre organ sound with a combination of flutes and synthetic clarinet mixed with (this time) a very real music box.
I could quite happily have entertained myself for a good half-hour or so with just this first registration and I had to pull myself away and get back into ‘work’ mode...  It’s funny that, having spent so much of my life looking forward to the next development in keyboard technology... to the more realistic piano, sax or string etc., that I should now find these retro packages so appealing.  My head tells me that I’d soon get fed up of the old sounds and yearn for the realism of the new... but it’s so much fun!! 
I guess if all I really wanted was the sounds of the old instruments I could probably buy one of the vintage organs for not much more than the cost of this software.  Today though we’re lucky enough, because of software like this, to be able to have both (and the room to house them in)."
Yesteryear - Pack Content
Yesteryear P1
Regist 1: Organ Quickstep: (1 Reg + 4 OTS)
Regist 2:Organ SlowFox:(1 Reg + 4 OTS)
Regist 3:Organ Waltz: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 4:Organ Rhumba:  (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 5:Organ Cha-Cha: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 6:Organ Samba: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 7:Organ Bossa:  (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 8:Organ Tango: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Yesteryear P2
Regist 1: Organ 8 Beat: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 2:Organ Ballad: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 3:Country Fox:  (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 4:Country Waltz: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 5:Organ Slow Rock: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 6:Organ Jive: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 7:March 2/4:  (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Regist 8:March 6/8: (1 Reg + 4 OTS) 
Audition the package on You Tube
If you’d like to audition the Yesteryear-4-Tyros (Yesteryear-4-PSR) package you can hear Jason himself using the settings he’s created as he plays a selection of music using Yamaha Tyros5 on the online broadcast channel You Tube.  Watch the video...
Jason doesn’t profess to being a ‘concert’ player but this is all to the good because the demonstration he gives on You Tube is really impressive and leaves you with the genuine impression that the package is very playable - as indeed it is. 


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Yesteryear-4-PSR is compatible with the following models: Yamaha PSR-S770 and PSR-S970





















































































































Product Code: JL-05YAM


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